Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another night in UPM

The kns Malays are playing Kompang in the middle of the night, around 12am!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Life of a university student - Part V

It has been awhile since I make a new blog post! Too many things had happened in these few days, from the long holiday to the busy university day, from home to the haunted hostel, from PJ to Serdang, and many more. Somewhat I'm trying to pull myself from the lazy holidays back to the school days (and it seems that I failed to do so!) Anyway, there's still a few photos taken during the holidays that I should write a few words about it, this blog is somewhat my diary after all.

Here, the bbq gathering from Princess Lai (refer to Joel Thean) at his house. Meet some old friends back in Melaka Trip, chit chat for quite a while, and wow, does anyone realize that it is all the bio class people and I'm the only physics people here?! Oh dear what happen to my physics class, where's the gathering?! *cries*

Anyway, since there's no physic class gathering from any of my old classmates, so I ended up in "tumpang" the gatherings of the bio class to kill some holiday time, lol! So as any bbq party you could imagine, you see lots of burnt chicken wings (from Joel), people talking about there university life, and so on. Somewhat I felt lucky that I get into UPM compared to the other local university you can find out there, maybe it is close to home after listen to all the people that gone home sick after going study in places like Johor or Penang, lol.

This gathering end with a endless liar game, where SzeHui are complaining she will get hell from her mom for returning late. Can't really remember the details though, hope that there will be more of these gatherings around the new year!

And more lame stuff are coming!
Kitty: What you looking at?!
Me: Aiya, take a photo only ma, shy ah?
Kitty: Hmph! Me so cute why want to take photo with you!
Me: Too late, already taken~
Kitty: ...

Wait wait wait! Who's taking who's picture here?!

Some logic circuit I made, more wire and chips as the experiment goes on...

Okay, have class later, have a good day to all my dear friends and family, bye bee!