Friday, October 29, 2010

When Laptop Become Desktop

I have no choice but to have a setup like this. My laptop just ain't showing anything unless I plug in an external monitor.

Apparently my sister are having a same problem, which also happen to be a Dell laptop too; which make both of us conclude that: Dell laptop have serious display problem, when the warranty expires.

So people, if you are looking for a laptop, u know what not to choose la.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The One Should Not Stuck at One Place

There was a phrase that caught my attention that day: "The only thing that is not changing is the fact that everything else is changing", and I'm quite agree with what it says.

For myself, I just can't stand myself repeating the same stuff for too long, no matter how interesting it is. For example, I once thought a game is so nice to play with and could never get bored at it, and in the end I'm bored out of the game.

My recent university life was not to said boring, but it is too plain. Nothing big coming up, everyday job is repeating the same cycle. People around keep complaining too busy and lack of time to do stuff... Well I don't know, I felt the busy life as a part of the plain daily routine as well.

So all these make me feel that I can't take a routine job in the future, I could rot and die out of boredom, which is a problem as all fresh graduate will do (normally) would go for a routine work for safety. If that's the case, what should I look for?

Some project based work would do just fine, as the environment changes as the project switches. It could be better that I could be my own boss (dreaming), so that I could control the things the way I want it to be (continue dreaming).

Hoe the coming holiday I could sort out something to work on to plan for something that could lead me to something I want la, amithaba...

And finally, all the statement above does not apply to the loved one of course :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Balancing the Unbalanced

It has been a while since I've been ranting here, actually there is so many things in my mind to be vomited out, but just can't get started (mainly due to laziness and sensitive people around me - you know what I mean).

Well, someone been telling that my blog has gone boring, and I'm surprise that my blog was even interesting before to begin with :) Sorry I've let some of the reader down but I'll try do my best to compensate what's been lost in my blog ya.

Well that was a long introduction, let me get into the main title now...

- - -

I'm sure many many of us has been running into this question of balancing, between achievements and friendship. One of the typical example is that doing something that people around you don't usually do, and performing better. Don't understand? What I mean is being more hardworking than rest of the people.

What's the problem with that? Big problem.

You see, from what I experienced is that achievement and friendship are enemy that fights to the death, for most of the cases except some special one. Higher the achievement, greater solitude you get.

Still don't get it? Well people tends to stay in a group with the same level, you climb too high people isolate you. This does not only apply to my current university life, but I'm sure it is more "severe" in working life.

You did too well, people say you're cocky, your did on normal peace, your heart tells you that "you could do better than that", which you could, and you feel suppressed because of keeping in peace with others.

So, you might ended up as a cocky person (said by other people), or just-another-random-normal-person. I don't like both result, and therefore keeping the balance between the two. Being humble with great achievements is totally a lie, nobody can achieve that (I'm quite sure of that).

Life's hard, and it reminds me an old quote of mine - To wish life to be fair, you better wait for earth to be square.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Incoming New Member II

Oh man this little fella is just so FLUFFY! Recently just moved him to outside, and get to have a few clearer shot.

Still, he is too black... really hard to have a nice shot, wait it to grow bigger first la~

Friday, October 08, 2010

Incoming New Member

Meet Lucky (name given from my dad, I'm not sure it's final or not), the new puppy adopted in my house, as the current dog (Koffi) is so failed as a guard dog.

As you can see in the picture, it's plain black (so you can't name it mocha, cappuccino, or frappuccino. It just don't suit!). This poor thing suffered a bath and meefon eating for the stupid maid... Gwar...

Later I tried for a second shot with flash turns on, but this naughty fella just can't sit still for me to take a good shot!

This little thing is just so noisy (wants to get out), and just very hyper active for a 2 months old dog! Hope I can get a clearer shot later (with someone help me to hold him still).

Hope he could be a good guard dog la, else Mailo gotta be sad in the heaven :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

Blue Ink, Black Word

Got cheated by Pilot T.T the package outside there write 0.5 blue refill, but write out black word!