Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY special - Ulu Yam

Is my mom's hometown!

It has been renamed to "Hulu Yam Bharu" but we just used to call it "Ulu Yam" larh. Both my sisters have tons of memories on that place, but mine have a gap in the middle as usual.

I could still remember that I played fireworks at the backyard of the house, the white fluffy dog (which passed years ago T.T) that I really like to touch its soft fur. I also remember that I used some of my AngPow money to buy ice cream on the old old sell-all-kinds-of-thingy-shop across the street.

Not to forget the big gang of cousins that we used to play like mad when all are kids, and gamble like mad in later age.

But we didn't went back for almost 10 years since my sisters got married and mother's work on second day of new year. The place had changed a lot, a whole lot. The old old shops are gone, replaced with a 7-11 instead. I didn't meet my good old cousins but I bet I could barely recognize them.

I've never underestimate the power of time.

Though time may wash many things away, but the "Ulu Yam Loh Mee" that we all loved a lot never changed. Lovely and delicious as it has always been.

We saw some goats nearby! The one at the back is actually climbing up the wall to get the leaves! Surely this is not something you can see in our daily life, not even in National Geographic, where they will show you some New Zealand goat on a wide grass field instead.

Kids now days.

God I'm actually repeating the same thing that those uncle auntie has been telling me back when I was still a kiddo.

Kinda understand their feelings now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY special - Family dinner

After talking about friends, it is time to talk about some family dinner!

As usual, the house only start to get heated up on the second day of new year, where all the married daughter may go back to their home on this day.

This is mainly because my cousin sisters are the majority party maker in the section 5 house, which is my house. Yeah I know, kinda shame on my cousin brothers, and myself too...

The table of food tonight, with my sister back from Singapore, my aunts, and my cousin sisters. The dinner is fantastic, especially the 猪脚醋 from my mother, my good old favorite.

Of course, never forget the 鱼生 (yee-shang) or also known as the Chinese-Rojak that I'll never miss during Chinese New Year.



Here I wish everyone have a happy moooo year!

Strong like a bull.
Though like a bull.
Healthy like a bull.

But don't work like a bull! Work smart!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNY special - Reunion dinner

A group of 8, they say that it was 5s6 (CHS) reunion but it sounds like 6P (ChenMoh) reunion to me, since I'm not from 5s6 (which is out of 6 people in the group), but there are actually 3 people who came from 6P ChenMoh 11 years ago.

I actually still remembers the time where I talked about StarCraft with Joel back in primary, and also remember ZhiXin's voice 11 years ago. They say woman changes a lot, but I found that their voice can hardly change, lol.

Oh, old faded memories.

Anyway, we went to TGI Fridays to have our dinner. Originally the plan was going Macré but twisted by my experience of dining inside with my sister last time - a bill that better to be paid by credit card.

Since the meal was frigging un-cheap at all, it is worthy to take some photo and write a few words for it.

The appetizer, didn't have the chance to try the first one, the second one are the boneless chicken, but I actually preferred the vegetable on the left than the chicken itself, oh my...

Everybody's meal, TGI Fridays sure have big food on their big plate. Few of us actually unable to finish the full plate.

Cheese burger I ordered. The burger is simply much much more filling than any of McDonald's BigMac, SuperMac, MegaMac... The fries are delicious too!

The desserts. The one at the bottom is so big that it was slightly bigger than my thumb, I think I could finish it in a mouth full if I'm hungry!

Well, I got 3 girls having the girl talk on my left and 4 guys talking about future career path on my right, but myself was pretty stuck in the middle, play with the camera better larh.

Went to 牛车水 after the dinner. Nothing much to talk about that place, maybe we went at the wrong timing, many funny funny things to see, but didn't take any picture. Guess everyone was busy talking.

Special thanks:
Foon, the GPRS of the day.

No thanks:
Thean, the kite flier.
Myself, for being the pathetic driver of the day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Out of random

I'm having so many "random" stuff happening around me. So random that I could blog about it.
  • My previous post was based on a random video I found in YouTube.
  • My post before previous was based on random photos in my phone.
  • I just picked a random blog in my blog list and read it for past 30 minutes.
  • I actually though of a random number for some new-year-jackpot-luck.
  • I'm dealing with so many random probability in my statistic course subject.
  • One of my friend keep mentioning hardware random generator to me.
  • I picked some random food in my mixed rice dinner just now, totally tasteless.
  • I'm now in the library blogging with a random seat chosen just now.
  • Now I'm thinking of more random stuff that dealing with randomness to post.
  • I'm searching for some random picture in the web to use as a post header.
  • Ah, I just found my random picture!
You see, we deal with so many random stuffs everyday, but these random things accumulate without us knowing, becoming part of our life, our experience, and maybe our story to be told to our next generation.

We'll never know, as they occurs randomly, totally unpredictable.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

String Theory and M-Theory

I found these video when hovering around the internet. Very interesting for me, but most people might found it boring. Highly recommended if my dear readers have any interest in these things:
  • General explanation of the 4 known existing forces: Electromagnetic force, gravitational force, weak force, and nuclear force. About what is actually behind these forces?
  • Quantum theories that you have never heard before. It is not in the text books because it is unproven and yet to be proved.
  • Small things that inside quarks, which is inside the proton, neutron, and electron we know.
  • Science friction things such as parallel universe and extra dimension.
  • The theory that explains the universe itself.
  • Possible explanation of the Big Bang.
Here's part 1, as an opening:

Find this interesting and wish to know more? Here's the other parts:
Part 2, Part3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6,
Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Photos

My phone was running out of memory.

So I went to sort out the photos in my phone, found some photos that quite "memorable" for all my friends around.

Work in process

Just as it sounds, copying speed is one of the must-have skill in university life, as it come in handy when you have bulk of undone assignments stacking up.

People behind the scene.

When we are enjoying all those memorable photos, sometime we should think about the people that holding the camera, isn't it?

Record holder

Sometime when you broke some record or did some really crazy thing, I'm sure you wanted to keep that moment for good!

Paper saver

Sometime when you are just too lazy to copy down a password from a game, or homeworks from studies, a camera is all you need.

And it is totally environmental friendly! We could actually save trees just for being lazy to copy down the works.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009



如果有人问:“人从哪里来,要到哪里去?” 那么这问题,是不是有一个标准的答案呢?

要求一个标准的答案,不容易。但是有一个较玄的答案:“人都从烦恼的地方来,要倒没烦恼的地方去” 不知,是不是可以接受呢?





Friday, January 02, 2009

Strange Equation

I found this equation in one of my bedtime books. So interesting that I'd like to share with you all here!

a=b, a=1, show 1=2

a = b
ab = b² (multiply both sides with b)
ab - a² = b² - a² (minus
a² for both sides)
a(b-a) = (b+a)(b-a) (factorize)
a = b+a (cancel off the b-a)
a = 2a (since b=a)
1 = 2 (since given a=1, but wait... what the??)


Alright, there's a mistake at the equation above, can you spot it? *laugh* Oh yeah, check the comments for answer (after trying to solve larh!)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 来咯!


当然就是全力以赴,有几多 A 就扫几多啦!





好啦,望大家都能心想事成,2009 万事如意;好得来,坏的去;有空时多多联络喝茶,没空时多多 facebook 聊天!

P/S: 超爱葱宝