Friday, May 23, 2008


Shit. I'm affected by it.

- You won't look into the mirror.
- You feel like having a volcano in your mouth.
- People not getting near you.
- It spreads when one recover.
- You don't get to eat any of your favorite food.
- You go to bed unexpectedly early.
- It sucks your money to the doctor.
- In return, you get 1-2 weeks mc.
- Finally, you'll feel itchy.

- Time.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Religion II

Well I'm surprised to see that there are actually some people who go though my previous post and even replied in their blog! 毕竟礼尚往来,来而不彺非礼也,so I decided to add some points about my previous post and hopes to clarify some things.

Well my last post seems to be making all the religion looks evil, apologize for that. What I mean is actually the people who twisted the true meaning of religions are evil there. Religion has been made of a tool, abused by the selfish people who seeking power. Just like nuclear power, depends on how you use it, it can destroy and it can be build, that's what there are people who against nuclear research and there are also people who protects it. But all of their intension are just for a better life in the future.

So basically I didn't say that the teachings of the religion are bad, I've never put moral and religion together because I feel that they seems like the same, but it is actually different thing. Moral can apply for everyone (example: killing people is bad) while religion will have something more specific (example: eating pork is bad). Though moral can be part of religion but religion cannot be part of moral.

To conclude this short reply, as long as religion are not used as a tool to interfere other individual or believing, I have absolutely no problem with that. I just hate people who just simply jump out and tell me "you will go to hell if you don't believe in xxx!" Oh, like hell I care with your xxx...

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Before start reading, let me warn you that this is just my personal opinion and does not attempt to insult any individual or religion. If you are a person that very strict towards religion stuff, please stop reading. Thank you.


Well, religion are a pretty amazing thing, it has the power to make people do the things that normal people won't do. For example: certain religion ban you from eating certain food, well it is food after all, but they just ban it out of some grandmother stories.

The amazing part of religion is when 2 or more religion collide, you can see fireworks. Why? Well you see:
- Religion A says that all non-believers will go to hell if they don't believe in religion A.
- And religion A says that all those who believe in religion A will go heaven.
- Religion B says that all non-believers will go to hell if they don't believe in religion B.
- And religion B says that all those who believe in religion B will go heaven.
Now the problem begins. People who believe in B will go hell according to religion A and people who believe in A will also go hell according to religion B. Somehow, people who believe in A will go heaven according to religion A and people who believe in B will go heaven according to religion B!

Confusing isn't it? Well let's say I believe in A so my other friends who in A also will say "we'll end up in heaven!" while other people around me who don't believe in A will go to hell. But there's another fella who believe in B suddenly jump in and say "you will go to hell because you are non-believers of B!" Sounds stupid isn't it? But that's what happen in the modern world and sad to say that there are still many people can't let go of this concept.

The worse case is when there are some concept of "killing of non-believers will bring you to heaven definitely!" happens in both A and B. What's the ending? Well you see people killing people in the name of the god even though the god didn't ask them to do so directly (the prophets do).

Basically it is really sad to say that human civilization has slowed down a whole lots due to all these religion problems. History proves that the science are always going against of what the religion thought us, hence scientist got killed as witches or the "people who offended god". For the past centuries people are blinded by the words of the prophets who "have the ability to communicate with god".

Even now days, religion are still the cause of so many problems. I believed that if religion doesn't exists, the world would be a much wonderful place, as there is no reason for a person (scientist) get killed for some lame reason of "offending the god".

Look around, it is science who make the world a better place, not religion.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

喝茶(Yam Cha)

Ah, the good things that you will never miss when everyone is having holiday and while everyone are still jobless!

Doreen Thean.

Doreen Lian Fung.

Lion Fung.

Now everyone working! Let's have some time to hang out when free la!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mother's Day

Well this ain't my mother's day celebration, but from my aunt's from my cousin sisters who decided to celebrate the mother's day and birthday together! These are some photos I've taken on the dinner night, in Alexis restaurant.

Wana have some burger? If this one is not enough, McDonald going to bankrupt.

A very special "cake" indeed, who would ever know that combination of cupcakes will form a cake!

Happy mother's day there aunt! Thanks for letting me tag along for the Saturday dinner, it is really nice!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Rule of the game is simple: Guess what's inside the box before opening it!

Open it!

Open it!








又再一次地,本人读了这一篇报导后实在受不了!敬爱的副首相大人,您在数落别人的时候,请问问自己,大选前落实的增建华小课题还不是到现在不了了之(大选后的秋后算账)? 还有04年大选时,选前说要萧贪,选后爆发司法丑闻,查卡里亚沙爹屋等的腐败事件又怎么解释呢?


Sunday, May 04, 2008


55 words
Was bored.

Found this when looking around. Thanks Stephen.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Almost a year...

Been awhile that I've been using English to write in my blog, lots of Chinese blog posts after I "discovered" how to type Chinese words in my computer, haha.

Looking back, it has been almost one year for lots of thing, the age of this blog, my hand phone, the day I quit as a teacher, the day I entered university, and many more! Time flies and yeah, appreciate what you have (gosh, I'm feeling old) and remember all those who helped you along the way!

Looking into my phone, there is so many photos I've taken, some of them are really funny but have no chance to share with all my dear friends, so I'm putting it here, enjoy guys!

One of my course subject, Logic Digit, where we make digital circuit with ICs, apparently the number of bread board increases exponentially,from one board, to 3 boards, to 6 boards!

New dog in my house, for the preparation of current dog's retirement (the whole family agreed that he is old and need a replacement dog). We named it kofi, also coffee, kopi, and so on...

Taken during K10 Makan Malam Muhibbah, where we pay 50 bucks for a grand hotel, but lousy food. Everyone agree that we have all been cheated!