Sunday, August 31, 2008


It is the birthday for our country again. Unlike previous birthdays, Malaysia became more matured as a diplomatic country. The people has taken its responsible to become a true citizen of the diplomatic country, they've shown the government that they are not stupid, and they have the power to pull down the irresponsible jerks who thinks they will never lose.

The people has cast their vote, towards a new unknown power that can take over the current corrupted idiots who are sitting in the parliament. Yet, they should also know that this is a gamble. They can't be sure that the new power will turn bad, they can't be sure the new power won't be corrupted, yet they can always check on them, ensure that they won't make a single false step; rather than hoping for the current jackass who repeated their mistakes over and over again.

Will Malaysia become another Taiwan? Where President Bian crushed the economy of Taiwan in 8 years when the people gambled on him to bring Taiwan to a brighter future. I don't know. But what I know that, we can't stay like this forever. Time waits for no one, stop being ignorance about our own motherland, we all have the responsible to guide the new power towards the right path. We should never let him do as its wish, never, as I have faith that politician can be corrpted faster than anyone can imagine. We should always keep an eye on them, make sure they do not betray our trust.


Saturday, August 30, 2008


无题,就是无题,想不到更好的题目,就随便以无题为题。声明在先,这文章将会超乱,读了后可别骂“他妈的王八蛋在写什么鬼?” 不过老实说,原本是想以英文写这篇东西的,但是还是免了,暂时不想有心人看到这篇东西,突然多一份不必要的关心来烦,唉~








那一天,学长带领我们开了一个内部会议,叫我们把问题说出来,以找出解决方案。我想,最大的问题应该是 “为什么我成了主委” 吧?

想回过去,发现例常活动的确是相当的有趣,而且星期三又有一段空出来的时间,所以就会发现我 “很踊跃地参加例常活动” 了。也应为这个,我几乎成了财政(我最讨厌的工作)。不过还好,到最后做了个培训部组长,和文新这家伙同流合污。


因此,在衡量辩论组活动和别的活动时,“辩论组活动应优先” 是不在那衡量的天平上的。尤其是当活动和学业碰到时,别人我不知,可是我决不回应活动而荒废学业的。

可是,我不会对学长所这些话,原因很简单,因为学长通常就会回答我 “身为主委的你应该知道你的责任,所以…” 之类的话。可是,身为组委不是我要选的,而是我被选的。

真的很后悔,当初为什么没有问清楚组委的责任有几重,也很生气自己没有说 “不” 的勇气。难道真的是应为双鱼座不善于拒绝别人?



Friday, August 29, 2008

Lion in the 60's

Okay... I look like a complete nerd...

Try yourself larh, click here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Advertisement for Cikgu Foon

My oh my, Cikgu Foon found a girlfriend and I'm the last one that know about it! Your fans gotta be so disappointed when they heard this news. *laugh*

Never mind, let me advertise a bit for you here!

Facebook link:
Foon Weng Lian
Yeo Zulynn

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Just OMG, I'm her big fan and I realise that she had the same birthday (3rd March) with me!

Hayate no Gotoku - Official site
Hayate no Gotoku - Wikipedia

Saturday, August 23, 2008

100th Post

Actually I was counting my post counts back when I realize I've already made around 90+ post in my blog, and was thinking to put something special when I reached the 100th post.

So I did this, which what you are looking at the graph. I've been blogging for more than 1 years (16 months to be exact) and... Whao! My posting rate is inconsistence at all! The highest post rate are at the early stage back when I started the blog. That time I was still a teacher so there was quite some free time to do blog in the night after I back from the school.

Then the post rate experience a massive drop when I entered UPM, with no laptop and no access to the internet. (Blogging in the computer lab? Neh~) Then the zig-zag graph continues through out the university life till now.

Well you might notice the middle part (Oct 07-Dec 07) have quite a sum of posts there. The reason are simple: Holiday! Had plenty of time to do blog of course the post rate will be high! But after the holidays the post count drop back to the bottom of the sea...

Oh well, that makes up for the 100th post. I've noticed quite a sum of people who reading my blog now. Kinda getting pressure on what I'm going to write but as TingWei said: "Is what I want to share that matter most not what people like to see, see it if u like, skip it if u don't." My blog are just a place for me to share my feelings and thoughts, and also a open diary to allow me laugh at my old self. If my words had hurt anyone on anywhere, please do tell me so that I can improve myself.

Thanks for all the support!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I fell into this.

Now leg swollen, stomach injured, scars everywhere.

Lesson of the day: STOP WALKING when you received sms/call from your handphone. ESPECIALLY in the night.

P/S: The drain's height reach my shoulder, and its width is around one-arm-length.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random Updates

Feel like blogging, but having no idea what to write, which ended up with this post title. Updating some of the random stuff happening recently.

- I've never seen rain for weeks! Drink more water people, lots of people getting sick for past few weeks.
- Malaysia got a silver for Olympic! Even it is not a gold, but Lee Chong Wei, you are truly our hero!
- Addicted to some Facebook mini games. One of it is "古惑仔Online" while another is "Who Has the Biggest Brain?". The first are lame, while the second are cute!
- Exam just passed, reminds me that I was eating at Chop and Steak after the first exam in last year. Time flies, it has been awhile we didn't hang out lately, oil too expensive ah? Cutting expenses?
- Dad's birthday just passed, sorry can't be with you larh dad, exam :( Happy birthday anyway.
- Mom's birthday coming, thinking of what present should I get for her! *Head cracks*
- So many mozzy in my room, and these mozzy seems to have immunity of the mozzy coil I brought over.
- Been getting in to so many different kinds of trouble lately, sometimes it is better to just pretend you don't know anything, serious.
- It is almost end of August, yet my Panasonnic pay are still with S-Factory, the "very special" agency I've ever seen.
- I'm working on my Unholy Alliance V project again, looks like finally I'm able to find some holes in my timetable again. This time must debug the desync problem for real!
- My personal thanks to KP Chen for the quick tutorial here on how to make the blog icon up there.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saw V

Many were talking about this show, I'm one of them. Saw is a show that, once you watched it, you'll have total immunity towards other horror show. I'm serious!

I still have one of the episode in my hard disk now. I'll call it the best way of keeping me awake when I'm studying in the middle of the night. The scream bites you and the flying blood chase the sleepiness away with 99.9% efficiency.

Can't wait to watch it!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Misconception of piggy and doggy

The following text are adapted from one of my strict yet friendly lecturer's blog. He stated some of the common misconception in the society today. I found it pretty interesting so I'm sharing it with you all here!


The Quran states the Muslims who embrace Islam are forbidden from enjoying the pork and the dog meat, the term used is Tidak Halal or Haram. However never in Quran states that the Muslims cannot touch both pigs and dogs. Yes the Muslims can touch the dogs and the pigs, but then they have to cleanse themselves or the area of contact with the way stated in the Quran. This is the first misconception both the Malays and the non-Malays in Malaysia have. It is the culture that forbid the Malay Muslims to touch both animals.

Here are the list of misconceptions, discriminations and double standard:
  1. Islam does not belong to the Malays or to the Arabs or to any nationality. If a Muslim nation made mistakes, it shall not be associated to Islam. Supposedly.
  2. Malays are Muslims and their doings always been associated with Islam.
  3. Islam does not forbid touching the pigs and dogs. IT IS THE MALAY CULTURE forbids the Malays from doing so. I am a Muslim, not a liberal one, not a moderate one, but I am the fundamentalist. Therefore I follow what have written in the holy book rather than the culture. In certain cases of course I will diplomatically tolerate trying not to offend anyone. To the Malays pigs are too filthy that even I cannot have a picture with the pig statue.
  4. The Muslims can have the dogs to guard the house, to hunt and even herding. The dogs have to be treated kindly else to be freed. It is not encouraged for the Muslims to pet dogs but that does not mean they have to harm the dogs or the stray dogs.
  5. The dogs can be touched without the Muslims have to cleanse (the term is samak) the area of contact, if one's skin and the dog's skin are both dry. Else, we have to perform samak. Pigs on the other hand, be it dry or wet we have to samak. Therefore most Malay reluctant to touch dogs because they are uncertain to the condition of the dogs and their skin.
  6. It is the tradition and the culture cultivated through the years discriminate these animals. Islam does not.
Dogs and pigs are ritually unclean and unhygienic to be consumed to our belief. However, we do not stop the non believer to eat. It is a sin for the Muslims to consume but has nothing to do with the non-Muslims. In this multi-racial country, pigs/dogs are rather sensitive to the Malays. same goes to the Hindus and Buddhists, if I went out and knew that one of my friends is vegetarian, I will not eat meat, or at least I will ask their 'approval' if i were to have one.

Between friends and meats, I will choose the former. I can have the meats anytime later but to spend a good quality time with friends is a rare chance to happen. I enjoy the companionship than the food and to have both definitely a great bonus!

Credits to Mr. Azrin!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Mask Theory

Mask, is a very interesting item that allow one to cover his/her face for the purpose of disguise or protection. However, if we were to add a "fake" in front of it, it normally refers to certain people who behave differently in front of one another: "You don't get bluff by his fake mask!". I've written this essay months ago, that time I was pretty disturbed by lots of thing. Now things are over, I would like to share this piece of essay with you all.

Back in the childhood, we always hear the adult telling us: "It is sure nice to be a kid, the world is so much more simpler!". Myself, at the age of 21, starts to understand the feelings of the adult who once told me that. Few years ago, back in secondary, I thought that myself had already know the meaning behind the word, and put it as: "There are many kind of people in the society, so better be careful when doing the things, then you are safe (脚踏实地,为上上之策)". This statement had been used for quite some time, so far so good back in the old days in secondary. However things start to change recently, I start to feel that the statement isn't really 100% correct. Why? "Masks" would be the answer behind, I'll talk more on it later on.

There is an old Chinese saying: "The one who get close to the light will turn good, the one who stayed with the darkness will turn bad (近朱者赤,近墨者黑)", therefore people might actually wanted to identify who's the bad friends (猪朋狗友) and who's the good ones (贵人), so that in the future we could actually have a better personality to enter the society. And because of that, myself had developed this weired interest of analyzing people, such as trying to figure out what's going on in people's mind. I like books, especially in the field of science and psychology; but the more I read, the more I felt that a mask is inside people's heart. Amazing isn't it?

Now, things get confusing: "Being a child is much better", "psychology analysis", "masks" these few things doesn't seems to have any relation between each other, so what's their common thing? Yes, there is, it is the "heart" (心). Sounds very hard to understand? (很玄?) Well let me explain with a more simple way: No matter how close are you to a person, or how much you understand him/her, you actually only understand "a particular person when facing you" or I call it "a mask that was worn by that person when facing you". When he turn his back, you have no idea who he is or what is in his mind because you don't know which mask he is using when facing other people, he has become a stranger to you. So, what I think is that, when you collect and gather all these masks together, you'll get a "heart".

Sometimes we really need to agree that as we grow up, more and more mask will be collected from a person. That's why, when we are still a child, we have only one mask, which is the "heart". Everyone are bind together "heart by heart" (以心相对), but as we grow up, if one were careless and worn the wrong mask when meeting the wrong people will send one straight into trouble, giving people the impression of "that fella damn fake!". But I think, no, it is not about the problem of fake mask, it is because people can't be together "heart by heart" (心连心), instead now we have "part of heart" only.

Homo sapiens are too complicated.

P/S: The original context of the essay was written in Mandarin, sorry for any confusion occurs when delivering the message :) My English ain't band 6 after all.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympic

Beijing Olympic, a hot topic that will keep on burining for the next 2 weeks. Thanks to my sister's recording of the opening ceremony, I'm still able to watch one of the world's event that we all shouldn't miss!

Honestly, after watching the opening ceremony, I feel so proud of China for able to host such a great event! I'm sure many had given comment about the opening ceremony, but there is only one for myself: The dragon has awaken! From what I read, the fireworks used during the opening ceremony is 4 times of the total sum of the fireworks used in the previous 28 Olympic game hosted! It even went into Guinness World Record!

Here's a video I'd like to share with you all, I'm sure plenty had watched it, but it never fails to make my blood boil no matter how many times I watch it!

Well then I wonder now, until when can we, Malaysia actually host something like this, 2020? There is a long way to go but I do hope that there is one day like this. Many thanks to Mr. Azrin for pointing out the mistakes I made in the post. Though your words are sharp as always (I'm honest), but you had indeed show me a bigger world out there. Thank you.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Birthday wishes

This post is seriously delayed, it should be posted in last month but due to the difficulty of getting the photos, now only I get to blog about this very special dinner I had last month, in Angus, Pavilion.

As the photo shows, it is 大家姐 (often known as tkc) and 二家姐 (often known as ykc) the twin's birthday! Though it is super late to wish a happy birthday to you now, but still, let it be late, better than never la! By the way, I just realize that you are the first family member's birthday that I put in my blog! Wow!

Why I say that this is a very special dinner? Well the answer is pretty simple... This is one of the most expensive dinner I've never had before! I'll show all the plates on the lower part of the post. For now, let me say a big thank you to ChaiGim and SiewGim for handling the crazy bill, where ChaiGim's eye went |O_O| when she saw the numbers on the bill...

Is everyone!

What to say, the place is cool, except the price for the food, yet you see so many people in there having dinner and even ordered wine (which cost more than 500 bucks if I'm not wrong). Oh... Rich people...

<- Yan with her chop, she ate more than me!

Okay here's the full course, and the order goes from the top left, to the bottom right. Start with a appetizer, a grill fish, then a carrot sup, a cold salad (even the plate are cold!), then the main dish, which is the lamb chop, and finally the dessert which is a cake.