Sunday, October 25, 2009








Thursday, October 22, 2009

No Life When No Holiday

Hey blog,

Sorry to leave you alone for so long, but seriously, life has been nothing more than assignment, projects, and classes; and we all know that updating those stuff would kill my dear readers.

It is now less than 20 days for semester break to arrive, I'm so can't wait for it! Life is so lifeless when there is no holiday, vacation, trip, and fun.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Please Larh!

I wanted to write about this very long ago. But recently these annoying morons really start to get into my nerves. What moron? There are a few types:

1) tHe fIrSt tYpE oF mOrOn tYPe iN tHiS wAy.
- I have no idea what's wrong with their finger, as they tend to press the "Shift" button randomly when they types. Trust me, this way of typing just make people curse you more.

2)The second moron x like to type the letter "no" or "not", for example: "x larh, I x wan go to that shop, I got xthing to buy".
- I'm not sure about others, but my brain comprehend the example above in this way: "ass larh, my ass want to go to that shop, I got axe and things to buy". Type an extra letter helps your reader, and it doesn't shorten your damn life.

3)The third moron talks like rojak, for example: "ki siao, this text buku so expensive, jia lak liao".
- Honestly, I feel more "jia lak" when reading things like this.

4)The forth moron have a spoiled "Caps Lock", THEY JUST NEED TO CAPS WHATEVER THEY ARE TYPING OUT!
- Be careful when using capital words, the brain tends to comprehend capital words as you are shouting towards them very impolitely, and anger is the next thing they feel.

5)The fifth moron thinks he is typing SMS even he is using keyboard, for example: "whr is d bus stp? i wan tk a bus 2 kl c d klcc".
- My eye spins, what's "tk"? Is it "take", or "talk", or "thank"? Even SMS don't need to be that short.

6)The ultimate moron does all the above: "FULAMAK, I X wAn fIkIr dAH, DIS Q SO jIa lAk! xBoDy blh ans 1 LAHH!".
- If you feel like punching someone in the middle of reading the text above, congratulation, you are normal!