Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Printer, ink, and fingers

The story of the day is rather simple:

When you see this printer

Using this kind of ink

You going to get this kind of fingers

And... don't really want to explain why (due to laziness and curses of the final exams), just mark my word: Avoid getting a printer with those kind of ink!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I have so many cake photos in my photo library! Out of boredom I picked few of them and did a tiny award giving ceremony! Wahahaha...

The most memorable cake

This cake was taken 3 years ago, in my 18th birthday. Celebrated with all the 5s7 kaki in my house.

The most easy cake

Why easy? Cup-cake are cakes too, and there is no need of knife and tissue/plates to eat this cake! Taken during AhPak's anniversary.

The most original cake

This is my 21st birthday cake, square and original. So far this is the cake that I had the most people celebrate together with me! (21 years old mah, duh...)

The most biggest cake

Yeah yeah, I violated the grammar. But this cake is really so big that 50 people can only finish half of it! Taken during mother's 60th birthday.

The most beautiful, expensive, delicious, stuffing cake

This one is taken yesterday, it was ChungWang's birthday! The white roses are white chocolate, inside with some mocha cream and bottom layer have some melted Ferrero Roche. Made by Coffee Bean, and you need to pre-order the cake 3 days before the day!

Anyway, actually the main purpose of this blog post was to wish a big Happy Birthday to ChungWang!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Try Google These

Thanks to the traffic feed, I found that there are quite some number of people who slam into my blog when searching for something not really related to my blog in Google.

Well then let me share some iron way to find my blog in Google.

Bronze slammers:
  • "lionlai" - Duh, it links you to my Friendster (which long abandoned) and blog.
  • "upm lion" - The one and only, lol.

Silver slammers:
  • "lion king pain" - Which link to my old pain/paint ball blog post.
  • "genting lion king" - Maybe people was seaching for some "genting lion dance champion/king" but slammed into my blog post of genting trip.

Gold slammers:
  • "lion king jokes" - Searching for Disney Lion King jokes? Well Google brings you to some of my joke blog post!
  • "singapore sentosa lion" - Lots of people fell for this, searching for information about the Sentosa Lion in Singapore ended up in my trip to Sentosa Island!

Friday, October 24, 2008

New Record

lmao, new record. Congratulation Malaysia.

The good news is:
We are ahead of Singapore!

The bad news is:
We are lagging behind of Thailand, Cambodia, and even Indonesia (where all of them used to lagging behind Malaysia at 2006).

Plain sad. Minister of communication gota feel so proud.


*What's RSF?
RSF, Reporters sans frontières (French) or commonly known as RWB, Reporters Without Borders.

RWB compiles and publishes an annual ranking of countries based upon the organization's assessment of their press freedom records. The 2008 list was published on 21 October 2008.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Someone told me that half of the people in the world does not possess a dream; and another half from these people went pass their whole life without knowing what's ther purpose in the world.

Try asking few person around you "What is your dream?", and I can guaranteed you to get few of their answer as "I wish to be a normal person", "I wish for a normal life" and things like that. One of the interesting answer I get when I was reading one of my friend's blog is "I wish to have a dream", just wow!


For myself, I once had a dream of being a scientist, and my idol was Albert Einstein. Back then, my dream was to create a Time Machine and view the truth of history. Because of this, it developed my interest in quantum theories and dimension theories.

Reality is cruel, being a scientist just won't feed your stomach, especially in Malaysia.

So basically, having a dream and survive with that dream is 2 different story. I need some better target in my life, a target that close to invention and creation, yet making money. One day, I found news about Google having its brand new office in Zurich. I wtf-ed.

Entrance and service counter.

Behind is the cafe, with the lady using the shortcut to reach the cafe.

Talking about relaxation.

The meeting room and workplace.


Anyway, how about we look at a gaming company, Blizzard? The games they published are very countable: StarCraft, Diablo, Diablo II, Warcraft, Warcraft II,Warcraft III, and World of Warcraft. Among the popular are StarCraft, DiabloII, Warcraft III, and World of Warcraft.

The outside and inside.

The cafeteria.

The working environment.

Omg-ed? A company with 3 popular games could make their facility into this level! Currently they are doing heck load of employment (sadly in US only) and continue to expand to be competitive to one of the gaming world dominator - EA Games.

Well I'm not going to talk about EA office because they suck in making RTS (Real time strategy games) and RPG (Role playing games) where I'm more likely to do. They are more towards sports game such as the famous FIFA Worldcup (which I have totally no interest in it).


Now, back to the topic. If you were to ask me "What is my dream?" I'll answer you: "I wish to work under those environment and make a most fascinating program/game that whole world going to know its name!"

"Unachievable dreams are of the best kind."
- Angeal, FF VII Crisis Core


Yeap, the lion went fishing!

I'm not sure about other university but for UPM, we need to take 2 credit hour of co-curriculum activities if we wish to graduate from here. Back in the first semester I was doing archery (wow, the lion went shooting arrow!) and thus, finish for the second co-curriculum credit hour.

Actually I was thinking of taking either golf or fishing since these are the rare activities you don't get to enjoy other than UPM (I mean, for free). I guess it is expected out of UPM, the largest university in Malaysia after all, we have a nice big ponds (notice the 's') here with all the fish jumping around the big ponds.

Me, and the only fish I caught in the whole semester of fishing. Yes I know it is tiny.

Serious! No kidding, the fish in the pond jumps around, except that they just don't eat the frigging bait. Anyway, what we did in the fishing lesson are basically:

1) Put the bait on the fishing hook.
2) Throw the bait into the water.
3) Wait.

Which normally ended up, getting nothing.

Left: The fisherman and fisherwoman.
Right: My fishing rod, waiting the fish to eat the bait.

This is not my catch. Just showing what a big fish in the pond looks like. It is around 3kg if I'm not wrong.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I am so pissed.
I want to curse someone so badly.

The retarded idiot who is playing fireworks in the hostel
- I curse his face got blasted out by his own fireworks, eye balls fly out, lips destroyed, nose rotten, ear permanent damaged.

The uncultured monkeys that screaming for no reason
- Lost his voice permanently, failed to get married and stay single for the rest of his life.

The moron who always jam the waters in the toilet
- May his key, wallet, handphone, watch, glasses, or anything that could fill the toilet hole, drop into it.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Raya Holidays

Well, thanks to Hari Raya we get to have a one week holiday break before meeting our finals. Here I wish all my Malay friends a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! I'm waiting for the kuih raya when I go back to university tomorrow, hahaha...

Anyway, even it is a holiday but it don't really feel like holiday. The beginning of my holiday was busy with this:
One of the "very-interesting-assignments" given from our microprocessor lecturer, which asked us to make some "very-simple-animation-with-bonus-marks-on-creativity" based on the assembly programming we've learned.

Next will be the never-be-missed holiday event, finding old friends! Went to 1Utama with the old FQ-Gang (CCL, WeiRen, TzeYang, TingWei). For the first time in the past 3½ years, we actually changed our chatting ground from MidValley to other place!

As usual, went for movie even though there ain't many movies to choose from. We watched Painted Skin, well you could expect another made-in-China product (many chingching chiangchiang, many jumping around the roof, and many kelefe actors). The best part of the movie I enjoyed the most is actually the ending song.

We had our lunch, and later even our dinner there. Let's see, we had been chatting for like 6 hours, my oh my...

Thus the rest of the holiday are mostly gone with my PSP and debugging the bugs on my Unholy Alliance V project. Talking about studies? Wanted to but no mod to begin with. Sad.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blood Types

Probably the longest post ever, enjoy!

P/S: If it is too small for the words to be read, just click on the image to enlarge it!