Sunday, March 30, 2008



考试要到了,可是大家还是忙得不可开交,Programming 要你写一个电脑程式,Logic Digit 要你造一个电子系统,开口关口就和你提起哪二十分,天杀的!光是搞这两个 project 几乎把我们都给玩死了,要我们那里变多一点时间出来读书呀!难道要我们叫小叮当来打救不成?

说起数学更是气死人,那 X 养的教授十次没来七次,剩下的三次就在班上抄书,把书上的东西完完整整地抄在白板上,都不知要他来干嘛。人说无书胜有书,我说无师胜有师就真!都不知道他那 Doctor 的名头是骗来的还是买来的,我看我教得比他还要好!

话说回来,不知不觉的,大家进了大学都差不多有一年了。得了不少新的朋友,电话里多了好多新的电话。悲的是一堆老朋友却越来越难找,一个接一个的出国,到最后只剩下在 msn 聊天的份,要见面还得用 webcam 。离离合合本是人之常情,可是经历起来时心中难免会有一阵的痛。唉~


Thursday, March 27, 2008

My new baby

Well just wanted to introduce my latest baby,

Just a forum I've created for my dear course mates to chit chat and a place to waste time :P I'll often upload my codes there though, feel free if you want to pay me a visit there!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A suddent stay in Sunway Hotel

Well the story itself is hilarious, Mr. Joel Thean, that is celebrating his anniversary with his girlfriend, failed. The celebration was held in the Sunway Hotel (well I'm still unsure of the whole process, but that's what happened) and it ended up that:
  • He have a hotel room for 2 people.
  • The "she" can't make it.
  • The room have an empty space.
  • Out of desperation, he gave me a phone call.
And that's basically why I ended myself for having a night in a so-called "six star hotel" by Joel. Well I'm not sure weather that place is really six star, but it is really grand and giving out a "rich people stays here" feeling.
Anyway, we took a short video introducing the place, enjoy :)

For more information, go here.

Monday, March 03, 2008

My 21st birthday

It's been a really busy weekend, with all the assignments, reports, and events. Anyway, thank you all for the birthday messages and attended my celebration on 1st March, especially the UPM gang that came all the way from Serdang to PJ, thank you!

Well, let the picture do the talking!

The 烧猪 sponsored by the 四千金 of the Lai family, thank you!

Mom and Dad: Your sui zai 21 years old already lorh!

UPM friends: Thanks for coming all the way, went really -_-" when saw you people's birthday card. And thank you for be with me on this very special day.

CHS friends: Thank you all for coming too, and Yoko, thanks for the special card and the hair product!

My cake! With all the chocolate and white chocolate on it! Yumm~

Finally, thanks for all the people who attended this very special day with me! I'm sorry for any trouble caused in the day and hope that you'll understand.

p/s: For more photo check my friendster photos larh!