Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY Special - Ka Chiak Ka Chiak

Taken when visiting some relative. The flowers are real, heard that it was imported straight from China. Expensive and doesn't last long, but its beauty lasts forever within the memories and the photos taken.

One dinner with very interesting combination, but who cares, it is all the same when it goes to your stomach!

Tomorrow is school day once again, guess I need to pack up my soul again. Next holiday would take some time, a really long time...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY Special - Old School Gathering

With Chinese New Year (CNY) approaching, more and more gatherings are hooking up! But today it start with this one first, afternoon karaoke singing with WeiYao, Foon, Zulynn, and dear~

Been digging out all the super ancient songs to sing in the later part of the session, seems that everyone sing until very high.

Then later part went for a dinner with more people joining together. TingWei finally get to see me and dear lorh.

With dear ^^~

The piggy Choo that missed out for so long, working so long already, faster pressure your boss give you bonus for new year loh!

Here comes the main character, yee sang!

Steady... Ready...

Wahh... 无影手捞鱼生! Shadowless hand!

Poor thing, imagine putting a Happy Tree Friend in the middle, it would be the worst horror in any of the Happy Tree Friend episode, hahaha... May this be a very phosphorous year to all of us! Huat ah!

Anyway, after making all the noise in the restaurant, we shifted to a nearby food court to make more noise (Terror larh we all).

The XiuMuiMui finally get united again with the Foon, enjoying the sweet time lorh.

The Thean brought us some beer with Japanese writing on it after his Langkawi trip (again). Though the bottle looks cool, but WeiYao say it tasted like Shandy while I say it tasted like fruit juice, lol...

Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY Special - Course Gathering

It is rare that my coursemates are able to gather together in a single gathering, as normally there will be surely someone fly the kite. Though there are still a few left outs, but I think everyone did a great job attending this reunion gathering!

Upon arrival, the cooking pot.

The big group, joint of 4 table to make out the most noise!

After few rounds of eating, walking around and ka-chiak-ka-chiak around with everyone before having more rounds!

Thumbs up, seems like everyone is very satisfied!

Left: Professional cooker from Alan's side, looks yum yum~
Right: Noob baker from TKS, have no idea how they manage to burn it to that extend.

After all the eating, it seems that everyone have their tire renewed into a bigger size; but none beat the lorry tire from MingYao! Mwakakakaka!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

CNY Special - Early Yee Sang

Yeap, is the chandelier restaurant again. It is an early celebration for my uncle's reunion dinner. As usual I went to "chi yam chi sik" again, hahaha...

The main course (for me) is the yee sang here since this is the first yee sang I have in 2010!

The manager explained that this yee sang is a Hong Kong style yee sang; where usually in Malaysia, we will have 七彩鱼生 (chat coi yee sang) but this one is 鸿运鱼生 (hong wan yee sang) that there is no other colour but red, orange, and white. The ingredients are very fresh and very nice!

3... 2... 1... Lou ah! Lou ah!

Pork hand, yummy~

Their good recommendation, Beijing duck, where the skin and the meat are divided into 2 different meals.

And several other meal such as the vegetable, chicken, etc.

That makes up my early new year dinner. After having the yee sang now very in new year mood, awh~ GONG XI GONG XI GONG XI FA CHAI!