Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, been eating lots of these lately, might due to there's many donut shops (Dumkin, Big Apple, JCo...) had been opened in all the shopping malls now days. The way we purchase it also increase exponentially.
From a pack of 6To a box of 12
To 2 packs of 6 and 2 boxes of 12
Oh let's pray that I won't be showing you up to 12 box of 12... 2008 is coming, happy new year everyone!

Friday, December 28, 2007

網路大戰 Internet War

Just found out that 明志大哥 got new song! Must see oh!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming, well I'm sure many of you had received this in your Friendster. It is made by myself due to the fact that I'm have too much free time in the holiday. Anyway, just to wish you all have a happy Christmas and happy new year! Hope everyone get the best from what you worked for.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Singapore: Lee Hom

Now, one of the high peak of the Singapore trip is the LeeHom concert! The stage are... Smaller than I've expected, but as we went there earlier so we manage to get a high seat and a clear view, wow!

Taken a few video clip, don't complain about the image very blur as I'm using my phone to record it! Well, the video might be crappy but the sounds are still fine, guess that ain't really a big loss la!


LeeHom play piano!

Love love love...

The last encore song!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Singapore: Orchard Road

Orchard Road, the shopping heaven you simply can't miss when you go to Singapore. So we spend one of the evening there. I got so many Christmas tree photos here (as if I'm collecting Christmas tree photos!) Anyway, let the photos do the talking!

Christmas trees!

This one is interesting, it is a living statue, look closely and you'll see his eye is all red. I tried to stare at him and he doesn't even blink at all! Respect his endurance!

The M&M house, here you can find all the M&Ms you want, melt in your mouth, not in your hand!

The Singaporean is pretty creative in making signboards. Take a guess what does it sell in this shop. The signboard says "no signboard" if you translate it literally.
Answer: Is a restaurant, *cough* expensive one.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Singapore: Sentosa

So, on the second day, we went to Sentosa island under auntie Bettie's suggestion, to try out the luge. So early in the morning, we went to the Harbour Front, where the cable car to Sentosa is available there. The price is pretty "impressive" as it costs $16.90 for each of us! What a money sucking machine!

And there it goes, we took some pictures on the cable car:

Left: The cable car station, it looks more like a office building than a station itself...

Right: Me, I realize there are words behind me after I took the photo!

Left: The future casino in Sentosa, building in progress...

And so, we reached Sentosa, played the luge, (fantastically fun!!) walk around Sentosa beach, rent a bicycle and went cycling, and took lots of photo! I'm so regret that that I didn't have any swimsuit with me, the sun and the beach is pure nice!

Ready to rock and roll the luge!

And all the following photos are taken when we walk around the Sentosa beach.

So after the ykc and Yan start complaining about hunger and the hot sun, its time to go back! We go back with the skyride, as its name sound, "sky" "ride" and yeah, your legs are in the sky and you riding back on a chair, lol. The photos might allow you to imagine how does it look like.

And I've even taken a short video!

With the tiring body, we went to a nearby food court and had our late lunch, and went shopping around. Found an arcade center there, and the dancing machine! Yipee, set the record of the day again, I'm in love with that thing!

So, basically we are spending the rest of the day with shopping and PS2 (Final Fantasy 12), while for the dinner, we meet my sister (aka mei chai) and she treat us in a Thai restaurant. The food is so nice (especially the soft shell crab) that I forget to take a few snap of photo!

p/s : Yes I know someone asked me why didn't update the blog for so long as I'm waiting the photos from Yan! Sorry for the delays!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Singapore: Here I come!

Just came back from Singapore! So I guess is time to blog a little about it.

It is Wednesday, early in the morning YeeKaChe (ykc) and Yan came to sec5 to have morning breakfast in Raju, and went to the bus station right after the breakfast. The bus company is called First Coach, with the buses inside have a small TV on each chair, and also some-sort of controls on the chair, been pressing buttons and messing around with the stuff and realize that none of it are working! So what left for me in the bus is my phone and the games in it! Thank god that I'm able to lasts through the 5 hours in the bus without having too many spider web on my head.

We reached there around 2.30pm, Jeremy suppose to fetch us to WeiWei's house so we waited at the Nenova for his arrival. It was raining. While waiting and concentrating our eye on the roads for Jeremy's car, suddenly I heard ykc screamed. I turned my face and realize that Jeremy is there and ykc is hitting him. Was wondering what the hell happened then I found out that Jeremy "snatched" ykc's handbag when all of us was concentrating on the roads. A bad prank indeed, ykc has been snatched twice already, and in phobia of it already! Anyway, thanks to him we don't need the long wait for the MRT and reached WeiWei's house earlier than expected.

We took a short break and followed ykc to visit aunty Bettie. (Hope I spelled correctly la, somebody related to ykc la!) She's a really funny person indeed, she has showed us all around the interesting place in Singapore (some bar street and some seafood street), treated us some supper, a beer in a bar, etc. She had also told us about the luge and skyride in sentosa and that makes up our following day's plan - Sentosa!

A beer in the bar, don't show this to my mom!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bam and Spec

What a stupid day! Today went out with my aunt to make a new spec, in Amcorp. So what happened? In the car park, when parking, suddenly I found a parking next to a big pillar, so I quickly turned in, but sadly my turning is bad, so I need to do a reverse and turn in again, so, I do the reverse, and that's it, the "Bam".


I hit on an Myvi. Who's fault was it? I don't know, it's my fault that I didn't look to the back mirror when doing the reverse, and is her fault that she stick so close to my butt and simply can't wait for another 3 seconds for me to finish my parking. I swear, I've only reverse for like 50-80 cm only, you could imagine how close the Myvi's head is close to my butt. The funny thing is that the Myvi's head totally f*ed up while my proton's butt is just a scratch, not even noticeable unless you look closely. Lesson of the day, dun get Myvi! And of course... Always look at the back mirror even you are just doing a small reverse, there are idiotic driver everywhere!

Fine, forget about the damn Myvi, just made my new spec, no more frameless spec for me! Chosen a half frame, dark one. Here's the picture!

Friday, November 23, 2007

3月3日 运筹帷幄

Got an e-mail just now, sort of fortune telling from your birthday. Well, around 70% accuracy for myself, how about you? Click here for link

Here it goes~






Thursday, November 22, 2007


It's holiday now! Thanks to my dear phone, in can take photos all around the corner when I'm free and sometimes it is really funny to look back some of the photos I've taken. So here it goes...

One day in the holiday, I was surfing the net in my niece's room, and both of them are playing GameBoy. After a few moments, their position changed. Most of the time in the holiday, I stare at a bunch of JASS code, sometime went out with friends for some BaLiDong and also MahJong. Also, going out for some shopping when free, especially food hunt in the shopping center.

Oh yeah, yesterday just went to 1u with Fung and Joel for some lame show where its show name are totally unrelated with the show itself. Yet the show itself is lame as you get to watch a couple to sing K for like 5 minutes, what an obvious scam!
After that we went for a game of pool,
walk around to look at hamster sleeping, taking photos with a big fish, and eating fish and chip in a pan.

Well that's for the first half of my holiday, second half will be some trip organized by Joel and also, Singapore! Wee~~

Friday, November 16, 2007


Having too much free time in the holidays, so was playing some domino with my niece, enjoy :)

Trial one (success!)

Trial two (failed!)

Trial three (failed!)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Genting Trip

Finally, exam is over! Time to blog!

Actually this Genting trip is at 8th and 9th sept, at that moment most of my coursemate have already finished their finals. Don't that sound weird? What do I mean with "most of my coursemate"? It means that I still have a paper to attend on 12th sept while myself is already at holiday mod! (Don't ask for the story behind... My only answer is: "Band 5 mah!") Anyway, lucky that the last paper is an English paper, a paper that don't really need any reading also can get good marks.

Basically this is the whole process of the trip: The first day we'll go up Genting and check in the hotel, and stay indoor for the indoor theme park. While on the second day we'll go for the outdoor theme park. Sound simple isn't it? Teehee...

8th sept (day 1):
As I said up there, we went up, check in the hotel, and decided to stay indoor because outside is raining! The outdoor theme park seems to shut down completely so guess we have no choice on that. We purchased an unlimited indoor theme park ticket for around 30 bucks. Notice that I highlight the unlimited? Actually the unlimited does look "Wow! Can play until sien!" And yes, we really play until sien, because we mainly played 2 things, the bumper car and the roller coaster. The roller coaster had been played for like 5 times, until Eric can type sms in the roller coaster... For the bumper car, I think we played more than 8 rounds, until we can memorize that which car is faster, which car is slower, which car is jammed, etc. And again, Eric play the thing until typing sms in the bumper car...

It's Deepavali after all, so Genting had some fireworks show around the corner. We all said that the merdeka fireworks also can't beat this one! (Well the whole thing is actually a lot more longer, but we only manage to pick a few from it.)

After dinner, we split into a few group to walk around the arcade. Oh yeah, I've set the record of the day for being the top score in the arcade dance dance machine! Oh god I've addicted to that thing now! After the arcades we went for more bumper car and roller coaster until it closed down... wee... We then went back to our room and played poker (chor dai dee) for the rest of the night!

Ei brother, you want to play or sleep? Choose one!

8th sept (day 2):
In the second day, we begin our day with YiLing's voice, well I'm not kidding, she's the one that wakes everyone up early in the morning, even earlier than Allan's "I'm going to wake up at 7am to eat breakfast and start playing at 8!". But the result is that when everyone is ready, it is already around 9.40am! The funny thing is that when we reached the outdoor theme park entrance, it is still closed! There's a notice of that the theme park will only be open at 10am. So we started asking: "If the things go accordingly and we came down at 8am..."

Anyway, when the outdoor theme park is finally opened, the first thing we after is the space shot! This damn thing is actually quite horrible, the moments it falls down you can hardly feel your butt is in contact with the chair! After the crazy drop from the space shot, we went to after all the roller coaster in Genting, yeah I mean all, I guess we've sit through 90% of the roller coasters in the outdoor theme park! To be honest, this is the first time I've sit all these roller coasters in Genting as I can't recall the last time I came to Genting! I could only remember that my height didn't pass for most of the requirements for sitting on the roller coaster.

So, the whole day is just roller coaster, roller coaster, and more roller coaster, from wet roller coaster to dry roller coaster to spinning roller coaster to speedy roller coaster... Finally guess what ends the outdoor theme park? Is the Pirate Ship! (Aka pirate shit, as it makes you vomit the shit out of you) Most of us have our head spinning when we get down that ship so we decided to take some break and went for lunch. They said that they are going to have more after lunch but for me, well I went to the indoor arcade and have some dance as I don't feel like having the pizza in my stomach to be throw out in the theme park.

And finally, when everyone had enough for it, we gathered around 5pm and ready to go back to KL. It is really a wonderful trip, a big thumb up to the organizer WenJian and Allan for all the things they had done! Great Job! We reached back to K10 around 9.30pm, have a nice bath and a nice rest in my room. Sent a sms that I can't believe I've sent it, but never regretted on that. A day to remember indeed.