Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flash: Piano

Well we've seen many piano keyboards on iPhone or something, and the code to do them is actually really simple.

So I took some of the free time made a simple keyboard for Flash practice :)

Oh yeah, instead of clicking the keys one by one using the mouse, you can also use the keyboard to play the notes, just poke the top button if you want to do so.

Black Keys (from the left):
"2"-"3" "5"-"6"-"7" "9"-"0" "="

White Keys (from the left):
"q" "w" "e" "r" "t" "y" "u" "i" "o" "p" "[" "]"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Awh... Another tricky title from Project Alpha, because I'm a person that have once in a million chance to do any road trip, let alone bringing my protable-laptop around for broadband. Boo~

Anyway, maybe in the future, I'll need one of these, as I don't quite like to stay in one place for too long, and road trip is surely one of the way to get myself moving around!

The worst thing about having trips is when you are so eager to share your experience, you have no internet access; then when you have the internet access, your mood faded away.

It always happens, especially long trips.

That's why I skipped some of my trips and thus the reduction of my memorable moments in the blog. Thinking back alone make me go *sigh*.

*cough* Anyone sponsor please~ *cough*

Having one of these would be nice, I'm not sure about those isolated places like jungle and hill, but having one is surely better than none, at least I can have access to internet at any nearest hotspot.

Some say smart phone helps, but I don't think so. Just imagining blogging with it spins your head, and if you are talking about quick sharing through Facebook or Twitter, yeah maybe you were right, but I still prefer to blog it out.

It's like sharing a nice whole piece instead of sharing some shattered pieces~

Well if next year I'm one of them I think I'll definitely need to grab one of these, to update my latest tracks on my blog anytime!

*cough* If I finally have a portable laptop... *cough*

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Internship - Day 1

Yeah, jumping into internship right after my exam, can't have fun at all *booo~*.

Anyway, joined western digital, with a total of 8 of us from the same course went there (can start a hoo-ha party already).

First job of the day - Patience testing.

And uh... Some briefing about this and that larh, wanted to take some photos on the gigantic hard disk bank (lots of $$ if you do the math) but we had been warned that things we see are just for the eyes, all are confidential so I also better don't talk too much about it.

Let's hope the card up there are not within the confidential list.

Well, seems like having a strict but helpful supervisor, and a bunch of new friends to made. Good luck to myself larh~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flash: More Trial Flash

After my long torturing exams, I finally get to have some time to spend for myself!

I quickly dashed to my Flash CS4 and continued my journey on learning flash. This is my second trial, I was thinking of making some turn based fighting game but for this one, it's far from being done. There is no hit points, no mana points, no enemy AI, no sound; just the skin for now, meats and bone are coming up!

This interface alone took me 2 days to complete. The character sprite was stolen from Maple Story, and the spell sprite are randomly stolen in the internet.

Well, imagine someone you hate and put their face on the mushroom, then do the booming :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project Alpha: My Dream Destination

It's exam week, I'm having my hands full with bunch of lame things that I have to memorize, and yet Project Alpha choose such a time to give us surprise for a double instant cash blogging in a week!

Don't know I should feel happy or sad...

Anyway, this time seems like talking about travelling. It seems like MAS is having some traveller's package to travel around (if you have the money, of course).

Well, if only money is not the problem here, I'm more than grateful to visit a few places that been in my head for some time.

My mom has always been telling me that if we were going to visit China, you can't visit all the hot spot in your whole life (either you wallet dried up or your life dried up; whichever come first).

Well, as a Chinese myself surely I'll be interested to pay a visit where my grandpa and grandma came from. Ain't a good thing to know more about our roots?

Yeah baby, if there's a place I must visit in my lifetime then Japan gotta be one of it!

The Japanese culture has always been shining in the international stage, their Fuji mount, sakura blossom, samurai story, and not forgetting their anima and manga. Also they have the most advanced robotic technology in the world, I'm so want to take a look at all these end-of-edge things man!

To be honest, I don't know much about European countries. And that's the main reason why I want to pay a visit there!

All I know about about them is things people telling me things about how romantic they are, how friendly, how nice, and so on...

Rome is another place in the European countries that I can't miss. The place where all the ancient Gods of the Greek mythology are born, a place filled with mystery from the past and ancient time.

Ahh... I better stop here, else this post gotta be 10 page long and I'm still writing!


Oh ya, Project Alpha has uploaded more episodes of video into YouTube, check it out~

Aww, always get me drooling when I watch them, argh! By the way, do pay a visit to their full playlist here for more.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For Mailo

Mailo, 14 years old. Been working as the guard dog for Lai family for 15 years (since 1995). The photo was taken in the early days when he is cute and naughty.

The name was give because his face is so alike when the 'Mailo' in the Mask by Jim Carry. Ain't they so alike? Aww...

Until recently, his eye sight start to blur out, hearing sense start to go bad. If we are not careful he might thought we were stranger and give us a bite!

However, his sense for dog food never go bad, immediate come on call when he smells dog food.

Today, you left us to the other world. I didn't took any last photo of him because he wasn't looking too well, and I bet he didn't wish us to see his final moments (the four sisters will cry for him badly).

You earned your long rest here Mailo, the place you like to run around when you were younger. May you watch over us in heavens, and ask gong gong and po po take care of you up there larh :)

Also take a good watch over Koffi to be more brave instead of just having a loud voice only >.<

Monday, April 19, 2010

Project Alpha: My Version of Grooming Tips

Darn, the title from Project Alpha is getting more and more difficult. Now he's asking me - a person who rarely apply any skin product to tell about my grooming tips.

Well, not only Project Alpha, there are already some people asked me this question before, due to my fair skin:

But seriously, got fair meh =_=?

Anyway, my answer to this question for the past 10 years was always the same (yeah, I'm a loyal supporter of this specific brand):

"Use pipe water lorh!"

Serious one! Well I admit that I sometime apply some dunno-what-brand lotion when there are pimples popping out, but usually water is all I use for my skin (no cleanser, no rejuvenator, no special cleaner, no whitening, no nothing).

Well, let me teach you how to apply the thing:
(1) Wake up - Wash face with clean pipe water.
(2) Bathing - Wash face with clean pipe water.
(3) Before going to bed - Wash face with clean pipe water.

By the way, my pipe water don't have diamond filter one, my house just have it recently, but my skin has been with me for the past 23 years :)

Well until recently, where the weather is so unpredictably hot, and I always get sun burn when driving from my university back to my house. I can feel the sun cracking my face!

If the weather continue to behave like 2012 then I guess is time to call some reinforcement instead of just relying on the water liao larh *looking for sponsors to throw me few bottle of these*.

Who know lerh they say that these bottles are so magical that it turn a duck into phoenix, a ugly boy to a handsome gentlemen, a handsome guy to a super star; then I can consider joining the star show in Project Alpha, then become a super star, then make many money, then buy a big house, then buy a nice car, then become big boss...

*Dreaming on...*

Anyway, I don't think my current messed up life have the time to do so larh, so can just dream while watching the cool videos they uploaded lorh:

Well here's a few episode, for more you can also visit their full playlist, there are many interesting videos that just make you goes 'Woow!'.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My First Flash Game

Flash coding (they called it Action Script 3.0 coding) is such a headache for me since it is totally different from what I've been learning (C, C++, vJass). Well, learning programming from "Hello World" is just lame (for me). The best way to get learning is actually to build a whole system (e.g. a game).

But after spending some time on it, finally I have some basic and did a pretty dumb flash game, move your mouse around and start clicking!

Not to forget my teacher here, this site have some great tutorials for flash beginner!

Expect more interesting flash coming :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What are the Government Thinking?

I seldom comment on what's the government doing (as normally I don't want to get brain damage due to overemotional or getting protection from ISA when I said something too right), but this time Mr. Nazi Nazri seriously makes me go "what the shit is in his brain?"

What's the issue? APCO wages only larh, not much, 77 million a year. How much is 77 million? I'll show you the number: RM77,000,000.00 only larh.

Want more numbers? Here you go:
> 1 year = RM77,000,000.00 (77 billion a year)
> 1 month = RM6,417,000.00 (6.4 billion a month)
> 1 day = RM211,000.00 (2 million a day)

We are spending years to get million, they get 2 million from Malaysia government a day (which is the money from the tax of you, me, your mom and dad, your brother and sister, your uncle and auntie, and everyone working around).

Not a small number, so we usually ask the person in charge that - why is it spending so much? Here's what Mr. Nazi Nazri said: "Najib get to meet Obama! They improve the image if Malaysia in the international stage! Do you think that these are free?"

Meeting Obama
So what? Does it mean that we can have a better salary? We can have lower tax? America will protect us from snatch thief? America will shoot the racist that never talk sh*t (x3)?


So what we get is just - Najib speaks with Obama. End of the story, price - 77 billion, paid by Malaysia tax payers.

Improving Malaysia Image
This is even more laughable. The image of a country is not just talking about how many clown you hired to tell the whole world "Oh yeah Malaysia is damn nice!", is the country itself proving to the whole world that Malaysia Boleh!

If you want America investors to come to the country, then screw the you-know-what policy that earned nothing but making you-know-who richer.


Let's see, Singapore is even smaller than Malaysia, but I'm sure they don't even need to pay a cent to have a meal with Obama, and who don't know the "tiny red dot" in the world map? Because Singapore prove to the whole world that they are capable of doing so, not spending money to do so!

Yes, I always wondered that his brain was eaten by a zombie or something, 简直脑残!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Project Alpha: No Strings Attached

Title for this week is kinda hard, seriously.

Of course, the string meant by Project Alpha couldn't be the string above. It actually mean wires. And it is not those phone wires that hanging around on the road, is those wire that connected to your computer.

You know, in the world that everyone is talking about wireless - wireless mouse, wireless earphone, wireless keyboard, wireless speaker, wireless this, wireless that, and my computer is still attached with tons of it:
Which makes me goes (-_-) when I'm trying to move my laptop from one place to another. Due to this, I named my laptop with another wonderful name: "Portable Desktop" - which I don't usually move my laptop when it is really needed.

Yet another string of the death is is the power cable, especially when you are having an open laptop test:

The strings of wires makes the ground into some RPG spider queen nest and you could just trip to death by just walking around. But that can't be avoided since laptop batteries die off pretty quickly if you use it frequently (mine was officially died).

But that's not the worst part, the most irritating part is an internet connection that requires a wire (LAN cable). Well just imagine lots of computer (e.g. cyber cafe) that requires lots of internet connection:

Yeah, you found yourself entered the world of Matrix!

Well the power cable can't be avoided, but the LAN cable (especially when you are sharing internet with a router) could be avoided if you have the right stuff:

Just plug and use, no string of wires required!

Well back to the old question again, anyone can sponsor me one? I don't mind adding another USB hub to have the extra USB slot for the wireless modem :D~

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Project Alpha: My Favourite Sport

Another week for instant cash blogging! Awwwh I'm getting really in love with this (who don't love money please raise up your hand)~

Anyway, this week is talking about my favourite sport.

Yeah... Don't stare at me like that, I may not look like a sport type of person but I do play sports (well, actually there's one sport I play, the only one) - which is:

Tardaa, badminton!

For me, playing badminton is like playing chess, we do predictions and we you use strategies. Let's see, we usually predict where the opposite player will hit the ball to, and hit to the place where opposite player can't save.

Well I'm not that much of a professional compared to the people around me, but the thing I did enjoyed the most is faking a smash. Most people that played with me before normally will get "%^&@!%#" with me because I get them running a lot, lol~

Now that reminds me, I haven't been touching the shuttlecock for quite some time! Blame that to the expensive badminton courts around (especially those that shoot up their price during holiday), and the busy time schedule everyone having *sigh*.

Oh, when you get stinky after a game, remember to get the right product to clear up your stinks, sometime bathing don't fully do the job (especially guys, they still sweat after bathing sometime - -).

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Amazing Parker

Sometime I'm really amazed by how Malaysia government train us to park our cars (due to lack of thinking before developing). We usually do double parking, triple parking, but hardly cooperate together to make a slot for 3 cars park for 4 cars.

Cheers for the parker!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

StarCraft II Beta Tester

Guess what I found in my mailbox in yesterday morning~

Yes, I've been selected to be one of the StarCraft II beta tester! No more single player bullying noob computer for me. I can now log into battle net and fight some real thing!

Love you Blizzard, muaks muaks~

P/S: Guess the first one that cries out loud will be my computer, lol...