Friday, August 31, 2007


Yeap, is Merdeka day today, nothing special actually except that we get an extra holiday in our 1-week holiday sem break, yay!

Going out to do countdown?
Nop! I went back home and then go to sis's house to grab all the anime, latest song album and shows that I've missed during school days! So, what I did was basically lying on the sofa, open BitComet, turn on the idiot box, and yeah, that's all. Checking for all the available downloads i can grab while looking into the idiot box, laughing at the people who squeezing at the Dataran Merdeka, and praying for the arrival for the rain god at the Dataran Merdeka *laugh*.

Okay, how about during the Merdeka day, going out?
Yeap! It is a holiday after all, but not going out for celebrate or anything, but doing JAH (just-another-holiday) stuff, shopping in 1U, had my lunch (or tea? since it is around 3 o'clock) there. Oh by the way, I met Pn Sim there, my form 4 to form 6 physics teacher, didn't get the chance to chat with her as we both are in a hurry *sigh*. Now just back from 1U and writing this blog since I had nothing better to do for now...

So, it is Merdeka day after all, any words?
What u expect me to say on this slumber country? We blogger now days might lost our final place to voice out our feelings on the Internet (Google for Negarakuku for more info). Looking back to what we achieved in the past 50 years? We build 2 jagung! Whao! But look, the fact that non-bumi are discriminated are still there, each race are talking behind of each other, all the social problem for the past 50 years remained unsolved. Many things had been done for the past 50 years about these issues, and the result is no result. Malaysia government do things in such a way that they change others instead of changing itself, in other words, they make u follow the law, instead of changing the law for the people, democracy? Pui! Merdeka? Pui! They only way to solve these problem is to get out of Malaysia, as said by some pig head in the parliament said "If you are not happy with how the things work in Malaysia, get out from here."

Any final words?
Oh yeah, I guess I'll end this with a phrase from KawanKu: "Cakap lagi lah! Cina balik Cina, nanti sini bukan Malaysia. Saya takut kamu nak pergi mana cari kerja, tapi tak apa lah, orang Melayu memang tak suka kerja."

Peace oh peace...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yet another random e-mail

First I really do want to thank my sister for sending me these funny mails! Here's one that sent by her recently, it is titled as "Someone out there that either has too much spare time or is deadly at Scrabble". Well it really does give me a good laugh, enjoy :)

The before and after!
Before rearrange the letters : DORMITORY
After rearrange the letters: DIRTY ROOM

Before rearrange the letters : ASTRONOMER
After rearrange the letters : MOON STARER

Before rearrange the letters : DESPERATION
After rearrange the letters : A ROPE ENDS IT

Before rearrange the letters : THE EYES
After rearrange the letters : THEY SEE

Before rearrange the letters : GEORGE BUSH
After rearrange the letters : HE BUGS GORE

Before rearrange the letters : SLOT MACHINES
After rearrange the letters : CASH LOST IN ME

Before rearrange the letters : ELECTION RESULTS
After rearrange the letters : LIES - LET'S RECOUNT

Before rearrange the letters : DECIMAL POINT
After rearrange the letters : IM A DOT IN PLACE

Before rearrange the letters : THE EARTHQUAKES
After rearrange the letters : THAT QUEER SHAKE

Before rearrange the letters : ELEVEN PLUS TWO
After rearrange the letters : TWELVE PLUS ONE

Before rearrange the letters : MOTHER-IN-LAW
After rearrange the letters : WOMAN HITLER

And finally the e-mail reads "Yep! Someone with waaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands!", I'm so agree with this! This fella really have nothing better to do! Anyway, hope you've enjoyed this.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Course Night!

It's been quite some time since my last post, and it is time to update more! Before that, my time is so so filled in UPM until no time to go back home! (Let's put some curse on the head of co-curriculum department so that he is drunk on one day and cancel the stupid rule that every student are required to get 2 credit hour for coco activities!)
Okay okay, enough with those mumbling, time to update something into my blog, which is about my course night!

When is it?
It is hosted on 3rd of August, which is almost one month ago...

Wth? Now only post?
I don't wish to post delay this for so long too... As I said earlier, I don't have the chance to go home to update all the photos, I bet nobody will be interested with a blog with no words on it right? And I don't wish to post anything with just bunch of words to poison the eyes of my dear friend who reading this blog.

So, what is this course night?
This is the day where the guys be nice and gentlemen, the ladies to dress up and be beautiful, inside a ballroom and having dinner together with some nice ol music. By the way, this whole thing is not official since it is only for the Chinese in the course, oh well.

So, what you do there?
- Eat (duh!)
- Junior cat walk, let's see who's the most leng chai and beautiful around!
- Performance by juniors, huray for the drama peoples! You all did a great job!
- Lame games by seniors, eating banana, passing banana, kissing banana, etc...
- Lame slide show from senior, but not bad larh, quite interesting.
- Choosing course king and course queen, tradition of the course!
- Dancing... Neh, I wish there's this section too, bloody organizer have no sense of romance...

Anything more?
Well, there is! Is the video clip about our performance during the course night, but thanks to its file size of 914mb, it is impossible to put it online without resizing it. However due to many technical difficulty, we still can't get an good resized version that allow me to put it online! So, please be patient while we are working on it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Life of a university student - Part II

Wee... Get to online again! It's time to update the blog! For this time there will be less words, just to share some photos I've took in the university, enjoy!

<- Ever eat such a smiley face Nasi Pataya? Well here's some! (Taken from cafeteria of k11.)

A cup of coffee while doing assignments, in order to kick off the sleepy feelings! (Taken in my room while doing circuit assignments.)

<- Doing math assignments (which is freaking easy at STPM level) while listening to my beloved album bartered from my friends. (Yet another photo from my room.)

<- Circuit board, doing some lame experiment with resistors regarding Kirchhoff's Law. (Taken from Circuit Analysis lab, 3rd floor of faculty of engineering.)

Okay, guess that's enough for now, the uploading speed here is simply terrible and horrible... More photos will probably take ages to complete. Here's one small quiz for all who are reading this blog! In the picture above, there's one picture that is
NOT LOGIC! Could you spot the picture? Winner get a clap from me! *laugh*

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Protected Animals

Defination of "Protected animals in Malaysia"
- Up to 30% are smokers, and as if they give a damn on other people there who don't smoke and suffering from their smoke. (Look at the photo above, see the red sign of NO SMOKING? By the way, this picture is taken from the cafeteria in my faculty.)
- up to 80% likes sports, which is good, except that before the sport starts, they shout from ground floor to 7th floor to call people to join the game, which don't give a damn on other resident who want to have their ear clean.

- Up to 90% are slumbering, aka doing nothing, sitting there waiting time to pass and time for the next "morning call" session (adept from negarakuku).

- Down to 1% are actually doing assignments and discussion.

Conclusion : Not that I hate them all, but 99% of them. I give my full respect to the remaining 1% who is actually contributing to the society.

Why I'm writing these? Simple, I've been reading about the "Negarakuku" issues that's so hot around the merdeka season. The government say that they going to take action against YouTube and all the bloggers which make me feel that they are, stupid. Why? Well just look around, do they know there's how many minister that are using blog to communicate with the people now days? Another thing is that the issues that brought up in the song is nothing but, fact. We all know that, and we chooses to be ignorance thanks to a very special body in Malaysia called ISA (Google it if you don't know what is it). But this fella I respect him for brave enough to bring up the issues, sing out the words in our heart. And yes, I am writing here to voice up my opinion. This is not a misuse of the internet, but the internet is currently our only platform to voice out our voice, as we all know that the papers and the news in public are all controlled by *certain organization*.

*Oh, I just heard they shouting at the ground floor, where I'm at third floor now... HELLO!! THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED HANDPHONE JACKASS!!*

Saturday, August 04, 2007

辩论 + Genting!

Oh my god, there's so many events running around in UPM, since I'm so freaking busy with all the activities (studies, debates, outing, course night...) + the crappy connection in the faculty + no time to go home (screw the coco activities in the Saturday); basically it will be freaking RARE for me to update my blog from now unless I get some net connection in my hostel; which is another mystery yet to be solved.

Alright enough with the mumbling, since I'm home now (which is one of the rare cases), is time to put up some interesting events around the corner. Here's one of it, the trip to Genting with the 辩论组. Honest speaking, it's been 10 years since I went up there last time.

Feelings up there?
Simple, refreshing -> chilling -> cold -> very cold -> freaking cold -> freezing -> freezed.
Okay... Not that serious, but it is really kinda cold up there I wasn't expecting so cold up there so I didn't bring any j
acket up there, which make my luggage the lightest among all. (Now think back I kinda regretted, thanks to my light luggage I was asked to carry other luggage... Though I don't mind carry a girls luggage, but her attitude really puke me up, urgh!)

This is, a camp for debates after all, so the activities will involve debates of course. When I reached up there we were asked to join into different groups immediately and start to brainstorming ideas for our debate title. My title was "Man needs more cares than woman", and I'm on the offending side (which mean I need to think why woman need more cares, God). Anyway the picture on the left is taken when we were digging ideas and put it on the papers!

<- The do and don't during a debate stage from the seniors by using the latest technology, slide show.

<- Demo from the seniors, feel the wrath of the words.

Since we are at Genting after all, of course we need to take a walk around! Sadly the free time we were given is 11.30am to 1.30am, which mean most of the facilities had closed down. End up where we went? Yeap, StarBucks coffee! (Which was given the name of "mamak" by YunRen). Try do some small calculation there, each cup costs around RM12-18, with around 6 cups on the table... Man these coffee shop are really sucking up big money from idiots like myself. Damn!

Go home?
Okay time flies, 3 day 2 nights is fast. (Though for me I feel like there's only 2 day 2 night since I'm the 2nd batch that reach there, it's already night time when we reach there.) I get to use the cable car to go back to the hills! Mmm, there's a small incident happened in between. The cable car suddenly stopped in the middle. Thank god that the girls around didn't go frenzy, however I heard there's some scream at the cable car in front *laugh* must be another group gone lost control.

Of course, how could I miss the chance to take some photos with the ladies around haha!


Well then, I guess that's all for this one, my thanks to all the seniors for all the whole event, it is very interesting! (Of course la, if not why would I post it in my blog *laughing out loud*)