Friday, August 27, 2010

With BBQ We Serve

Don't ask about the title, it was the big miao's idea for the event name :)

Location: Residents of the CCSE gang.

A few of us trying to start up the fire :)

Then dunno why more and more people come to help (even the place was darn crowded already), I guess guys likes to play with fire after all lol.

Goo setting up another pit for cooking the vegetarian food, with idea of utilizing modern technology (electric fan) instead of the classic way (hand fan).

And it works pretty well :)

The kitchen group, preparing some other food that can't throw into the BBQ pit.

This is (not) the production from the kitchen team :) Scare anyone can't have enough of food so we ordered a special delivery.

The things that (can) thrown into the BBQ pit :) The chicken wings are a big success!

There's a saying about "when there is God Yeo, there's always poker at your service".

And they can grow in number easily after a while.

Attendance taken with a pretty awesome method.

Laptop bags, well you know what is it for right?

And finally the burning baking started! The lower photo looks like 3 knights crossing sword for some oath or something, except they sword looks... creative!

Though the house is not very big, but it can fit 20+ people eating together with no problem! There's enough fork and spoon so that nobody will experience starvation :D

And more people going for second round of baking. In the middle we give a phone call to the poor Kok Seng who was hospitalized due to some lung infection. Wish him recover quickly la!

Oh ya, we did a surprise birthday party for Desmond, and celebrated Hoay Yan and Kok Yeong's one along (actually just singing for them~) :)

Friday, August 20, 2010


This post is dedicated for my dear coursemates, so if you are not, you can skip this post :)

- - -

Getting your host PC talking to Minix3
What ingredient you'll need:
- Minix3 (Duh)
- FileZilla FTP Client (Download)

- Install FileZilla.
- Set a password for your root in Minix3.

- in Minix3, type the following code:
# cd /etc
# cp rc.daemons.dist rc.daemons
# reboot

- After Minix3 reboot, type ifconfig and you should see something like:
/dev/ip: address netmask...

- Start FileZilla.
- For Host: Copy the ftp address ( here.
- For UserName: Enter root.
- For Password: Place your root password you set earlier.
- For Port: Leave it blank.

- Click "Quickconnect" button, and you are there!
- If this don't work, format your Minix and try again :)

- - -

Booting with new kernel code
So you did some modification in Minix3's kernel code and want to try try out your new code.

- Type the following stuff:
# cd /usr/src/tools
# make clean
# make hdboot

- This usually take a while, so you can have your coffee now.
- After the system build the new booting image (assuming nothing goes wrong), type shutdown in your Minix3.
- Then you will bring to another window. Type following code to show all your booting image:
> ls /boot/image

- The new booting image should looks something like 3.1.7rx, where the x changing depending how many time you build your booting image with hdboot.
- Pick the x with the largest number (e.g. 0,1,2,3...).
- Type the follwing (remember to replace the 'x' with the appropriate value):
> func(3,MnxMod){image=/boot/image/3.1.7rx;boot;}
> menu
> 3

- And thus, your Minix3 is now booting with your new modified kernel code.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Makan-makan in SS2

I am so full right now, therefore have no strength to type words. Let the food picture tell the story la.

Location: Rich Well Restaurant
Time: Today (Sunday night)
Occasion: Tony's big day :)

Let the food begins:

Pigeons, poor thing, even died also had its head chopped into half for decoration...

Ostrich meat and 'Don-Bo' meat.


Chicken and bittergourd-fried-egg.

The very gigantic pepper crap with dong-fun.

The extremely gigantic prawn mee.

The guy with the big day :) Thanks for the meal!

P/S: Look very yummy leh... Nah here's the card (click to enlarge) for you if you are interested to makan-makan there :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Old Drawings

Well, bought a printer with scanner, so was testing with its scanner with my old drawing back in secondary. It turns out that some of the parts are very light (pencil colour faded over long time) and requires some brightness adjustment.

So here's the picture after the suitable adjustments~

P/S: If your click the picture and zoom in you can find the drawing date at the bottom right :)

Friday, August 06, 2010


Well, watching a movie alone ain't so bad after all, especially this one that requires you to have full concentration to have a better understanding of the show.

We all know that we only used 10% of our brain, the remaining 90% remains a mystery that becomes a good idea for all the book authors and script writers, such as utilizing the full brain power you get some magic power, some deep conciousness stuff, etc.

Matrix have 2 worlds and we all went confused about it, now this one giving us 4 world, which makes the effect double. Anyway, not a bad show, definitely worth watching.

P/S: I'll assume I didn't saw the last scene, as I prefer it ends in the normal way without having all the question marks around...