Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Life of a university student - Part IV

Here I go again! I'm pretty in love with the random pictures I've taken using my phone and blog some words about it. Its exam season now, everyone gambate! Before I start shooting the things around me (as usual), I would like to share some photos I've taken in UPM.

On the left: Taken from my faculty, a very special thing about the engineering faculty in UPM is that it have a lake in the middle! Quite useful when you have too many text need to put into your brain, somewhat calms you down~

On the right: Taken near the faculty of computer science. I was sitting in the bus, having nothing to do, take out my phone, and "chiak", here's the view!

So, UPM don't seems to be a bad place to stay around, just that the people you are dealing with are making your life miserable here, oh dear...

Okay, here comes the shooting. This is a cupboard, well take a closer look and you'll know who did those writing. Again I'm not pointing to a certain race here, I'm sure the brilliant mind of yours are able to tell that "Why people like this can get their place in the university, while so many people around with the pointer of 3.5 to 4.0 can't get their place in the local university". Argh damn, there I goes again... Shooting the Malaysia government has become a habit of mine, please forgive me.

This is what I see when I lying on my bead looking upwards. A friend of mine tells me that she was so irritated by that arrow and he decided to take a chair, take some tapes, tear down the arrow, and stick it back with the opposite direction...

A cage, nothing special about it, just that it appears in my hostel! Oh my god the Malays actually petting some cats in the hostel! And I actually smell some sh*t when i was walking along the corridor, I don't know what does its master feed it with, but I can ensure you that it is more horrible than any smell you've encountered in your entire life! For the sake of humanity, someone sponsor me an oxygen tank please?

A picture at the corridor, well the target here is not the corridor, take a deeper look and you'll find wires, these are LAN wires! If you've stayed here long enough, you won't be surprised to see the LAN cables hanging here and there since this cursed place have no internet connection so the people that stays here who desperate for internet have no choice but to get some wireless broadband, share among few people, and hence resulting the LAN cables connecting from top floor to 1st floor, Wing A to Wing D.

These photos are taken in the elevator, different elevator. The different here is: One got light and one got no light! You sure get hell lots of first time experience for living in this place. The moment when the elevator door is close, you're in complete darkness, can't even see your own fingers! I though things like this will only happen when the elevator broke down, oh well. By the way, the lights in the elevator are still unfixed, until today, which is around one month since I still see lights from the elevator.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

3000 hit counts

Wow, I've just realized that my blog's hit count is reaching 3000! It seems that there's quite some people reading my blog... Thank you guys for your support! (Well doesn't that sounds too formal...) Anyway thank you all larh, I'll continue to put more interesting stuff when I have the time!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I've always wanted to blog something about my co-curriculum activity - archery in UPM for some time! (Curse UPM for forcing us to take 2 credit hour for any co-curriculum activies! For your information, students who failed to do so will not be allow to be graduate...) and today I finally get the chance to find someone to take a few photos for me to write a blog entry. (Well, one of my principle, I rarely post a blog entry without any pictures.)

On the left is me pulling the bow, take note that the right way to pull the bow is stretch the string all the way until it reach your lips and nose, aim, and release. At first there are just a few people who are able to do this, as time passes, it seems that everyone able to do that!
On the right is the bow used by beginner, each of it weight around 20-28 pounds (~9-13 kg) and each cost around RM800+!! Oh yeah, in the sports room, there is around 30-40 bows there, so do the math and see how much UPM is spending on archery. (Archery is really not a cheap sport, not less than golf I can ensure you!)

The 2 picture above shows the bow used by professional archers, the bow in my hand weight around 40 pounds (~18 kg) and it is super hard to pull! I'm not kidding, pulling that thing is like pulling a cow to climb Batu Cave. Anyway, guess the price of this thing, it is RM5000+!! Yes!! RM5000+!! A price that allow you to get one of the latest laptop and won't get outdated for 4 years. Holding this bow itself makes you lost interest in becoming a professional archer...

So, anyone taking archer next semester? I'm selling my arm guard and my finger tips for around RM20, take note that I bought it for RM35!! Sorry, should be "being forced to bought it for RM35!!".

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Myself in Teenage!!

Now you can see myself in Teenage magazine! Though this magazine is only sold in Singapore (don't ask me how I get my face in a magazine sold in Singapore), any Singapore friend that stays there can try to get a few recent volume there and you'll see this! Oh by the way, some of you might even notice that there are some picture that VERY familiar! Teehee...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Wow, there's so many reunion gathering around the holidays, got big and got small! Some big ones are such as the 6th form gathering in Sushi Station (SungaiWang) organized by Joel Thean.

Though me and Jason are the only one from the physics class, with 60% from the biology class, and also Jit and his friends taking the rest of the quota, our group was the most noisy in the whole restaurant *laugh*. Everyone are very... as Fung said, very 豪气!! Haha our whole group there was talking about all the racial issues, it seems that getting into local university makes people more racist indeed. Couldn't imagine if there's any ISA people sitting next to us, hello to jail and bye bye university! It was a very successful gathering larh, great job Joel!

Another one are the small 5S7 gathering organized by myself, calling some old brothers to drink a tea and chit-chat about our recent life. As usual, the few usual people are summoned: ChinLiang, TingWei, TzeYang, and WeiRen. Everyone still the same, never changed! Wanted to call her to join in to see the percent of similarity between the 2, who knows... Sigh... Somewhat expected larh. Well we went for the Resident Evil movie, basically just another 18sx violence show with blood and flesh flying all around, my 12 bucks!! Oh by the way, we met Sue in the cinema, been ages since I met her (I think I've never seen her since I went to form6, let's see... Almost 3 years, oh dear...), pretty as always. Then we went to the The Gardens, extension of MidValley. The building desing are pretty impressive, TingWei said that it has a very HarryPotter feel with all the zig zag stairs. Walk around the places, nothing much except all those expensive shops with the expensive shirts.

Also the gathering of the mahjong kakies! As usual we, Jason, AhZhu(Bennie), and AhGou(KokPang) played mahjong for the whole night. The different is that this time we are playing in my grandma's room, which is empty for now, that place is one of the place where I'll never enter unless it is really needed, a creepy place and a blind spot of the big house! And yay, maybe thanks to my grandma's fortune, I'm the big winner of the night while KokPang just dig a big hole in his wallet because the one that lost all the coins need to pay for the breakfast. Slept for the whole noon after the breakfast, oh dear... Have chance must play again! *The picture shows the worst ever combination I could get for the night. But miracle do happens, I win that game! With pretty low score of course, what you expect to do with these kind of cards in hand and have no "flower"?

A happy holiday to all my friends that still having holiday now while I need to go back to the stupid cursed UPM thanks to those weird holidays BEFORE the raya from UPM while the whole world is having holidays AFTER the raya.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Been reading some articles from my old friend, cheese. He has posted some very interesting issues about religion so I decided to do some copy and paste into my blog, however the big credit still belongs to him!

So here it goes~

Christopher Hitchens: God is not Great. How religion pollutes everything

- Religion comes from a period when humans where able to think and seek for information but had no way to explain what was happening around them, and religion was a way of explaining the things that could not be explained back then.

- No theologian(people studying religion) has ever been able to conclusively prove the existence of a higher being at any point of time in the history of mankind, the best they have ever been able to do was to attribute an apparent harmony in the arrangements.

- Religion goes for an already rather impossible task of proving the existence of said entity, and takes it a step further, and expects people to believe(which they do) that the speaker not only can prove the existence of that entity, but can claim to know this entities mind quite intimately and can claim to know his or her personal wishes, and in turn can tell u what u can do or can not do in his name.

- It gives to people(ministers/rabbis/shamans) power in the here and now. If you are his holiness the pope, and u have aggregated to yourself the power to free or to imprison, and to decide who may read what, how many tides must be paid, how many holy days must be observed, how many disciplines must be followed, is it seeking power in the afterlife or is it seeking power in the here and now? This is fairly obvious, and to add on to that, the sort of power being attributed to these people can not be challenged by normal challengers.

- One way of demonstrating the fact that religion is man-made is its proliferation(religion is everywhere!)

- There can only be 2 possible creators of religion, it can either be 'god made man' or 'man made god', if it is 'god made man' then it is very hard to see why there are so many religions, and why they are constantly at war with each other, however if you make the opposite assumption, that man has invented religion and god, there isn't much to be explained and I might add there are uncountable cults, sects, discrepancies within the holy books, warring churches. Iraq as an example, most of the hostility is directed at rival churches, at other Muslims, rather than the occupation force.

- PS: this isn't exactly a point, so skip it if u want, it's a counter argument against something put up by another debater, the argument is, religion has done plenty good for mankind, its wrong to say that religion pollutes everything, the counter argument was that while it can be said that religion has done plenty of things for mankind, these things were in fact things that could have been done without the help of religion, and if religion were to take credit for the positive things, it should take credit for the mass murders and warring religions(the crusades). You might say that it isn't fair to put it that way, using the example of how a professor should not have to take credit for both, the student who passed with flying colours and also the other who dropped out, but the fact is that in every religion there are statements like, 'smite the head off the unbelievers' and other statements of the same sentiment, and while not everyone will follow that, that is what the holy books say, and as a believer that is a means of justifying however brutal the act may be, eg: "mass murder/genocide".... The point here being that the holy book encourages the believer in these acts, just as the same way a psychopath professor would tell his students to go out and kill people. As it is the analogy of the professor with the good and bad student is faulty.
In a nutshell, name one good act that could not be done by a person without faith, and then name one evil act that a religious person can commit in the name of religion that a normal person would not do. You will find that it is far easier to find answers for the latter rather than the former.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Life of a university student - Part III

Finally!! I get to blog again, so happy!! It has been like a month since my last post, omg... Anyway, there's so many photo I've taken when I got nothing better to do, enjoy~

Bags, taken in 4th floor tutorial room, the thing is, guess these bags belongs to how many people.
Answer : [5] feel the wrath of cc engineering with all the laptops!

On the left : Read the time, it is in am, NOT pm.
On the right : Best thing to do in that time, nothing is more suffering than sleeping with an empty stomach!

Cup mees, this is what we take during the Bulan Ramadan as lunch, damn larh, why they puasa have to make us suffer together? Anyway, these cup meeps arn't finished all by myself, but me with Eric (my coursemate), 2 for each!!

Washing machine, take note that it is made in Malaysia and the big RM2.50 per use, I'm not doing any hint here, but I guess you read my mind as what I'm trying to say.

One of the things we learned in UPM, wall climbing. From 10 seconds to 4.5 seconds and may seek faster record in the future. Welcome to!

These photos are taken during the mooncake festival. A bunch of people that are away from home gathered here for a small celebration. The funny thing is that Mr.C++ joined the party with us! (Though nobody really welcomed him...)

A simple before and after picture, the lesson of the day is: Stack up your cloths and make the RM2.50 spent on the washing machine more worth it!

An oscilloscope, don't ask how I generate that graph, I wish to know too as charging + discharging of capacitors shouldn't generate a graph like this!

A Power Point slide from our Kenegaraan lecturer, we call it PPP and PPK-ing.
- PPP(Power Point Poisoning), happens when a slide have more than 25 words on it, it makes people lost interest on your slide.
- PPK(Power Point Karaoke), happens when a Power Point presenter is doing nothing but reading his/her own slide without any further explanation out of the slide.

1st pic - Ah, what a good day to go out for a walk, wee...
2nd pic - OMG!! What's happening? Is it the Fog? Is it the smoke from the bus? Is it something burning?
3rd pic - WAH!! Old flat is on fire!! Run for your life!!
Okay... yet another lame joke from a fella that got nothing better to do. It is actually another group of fella with nothing better to do and was spraying the mosquito killer. The stupid thing is that they spray at the peak hour where everyone is around, can't these idiots do so when there are less people in the evening or the night? Damn!

Here's another before and after pictures, the first picture shows the fellas that wish their face to be shown on every single corner of the hostel, as if he will die when another fella tells him that "I've never seen you before." And there it goes, the second and the third picture shows how their faces ended up after one night of rain. What a waste of mother nature's resources! Hence we should demolish democracy! To avoid any further waste of nature's resources! Hear the sound of sorrow from the mother earth!
Okay... Just another bunch of mumbling... But seriously anyone will feel angry when you see so many papers gone waste!