Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve 2010

Been rotting through my December holiday, thus resulting the rotting of my blog too. But worry not, I'm back :)

As usual, my sister's house is having a Christmas eve party, lots of people and lots of food. Kids been swallowed by technological gadgets, no more running and screaming around, but silently facing the computer.

Me and dear~

The very cute Santa jelly cake~ The bad thing about this is when you wanna cut the cake, you don't know the Santa wanna get his leg chopped or his head sliced.

Presents, my sis need to have a bigger tree because there's so many of them until the space below the tree can't fit!

Victoria Station's turkey (left) and home-made lamb (right), apparently home-made stuffs are always more delicious!

The very professional turkey and lamb server :)

The present giving ceremony, the most awaited moment for the kids.

"I'm Kalor, nice to meet you!" he says. Looks like I have a stuffed doll to join my 2nd sister's doll family now ~.~

Biscuits from my dear, obviously she's trying very hard to increase my weight over the holidays...

Well, my deepest wishes to everyone, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Dying Blogsphere

Well, I had a list of friends (on the right side of my blog) that owns a blog. The list used to be pretty hot, I get to read a new blog post at least once a day. The word "1 week ago" can hardly appear on my top 5 latest post. But now, the people remains blogging can be counted with one hand, "1 month ago" could appear in the near future.

Sad lah.

It's like watching a busy pasar malam closing down. The reason of the reduced blog post are normally as below:
- No time
- No material on what to blog
- Lazy
- Bored and quit blogging

For me, there is middle of somewhere that I did stopped for some time, mainly due to the boring life and the laziness. But luckily I managed to return after the slumbers.

Well, I can't point a gun at people's head and ask them to blog right? But it's just plain sad to see the blogsphere dying around.

Just hoping myself not being the last one standing lah.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Song Sharing - Just a Dream

Been digging and crawling around in YouTube, then found some pretty nice stuff around :)

Well, I just realize that I haven't been sharing some music stuffs, since the Midnight Maple back in 2008 (yeah I do share musics people, and apparently able to differentiate between good and bad ones).

Well then, the guy is handsome, the girl is awesome, and their voice is excellence. Enjoy~

P/S: Life's always a dream, but having a nightmare or a sweet dream is decide in our own hands!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review: Skyline

Initially, when I saw the poster above and the trailer in YouTube, the show was looking quite promising, a sci-fi fan such as myself wouldn't miss it for sure... until I watched the movie.

I thought 2012 was bad, but this is WORST. I am very very disappointed.

Well I don't care about being a spoiler in this blog post for this show, it really don't worth watching. The best part of the movie are all in the trailer. If you've watch the trailer, it is as good as you watched the whole movie. (But the trailer doesn't have an ending!) Don't worry, there is no ending for the movie anyway.

There are so many things in the movie that makes not sense:
- A security camera installed in a condominium could lock down an fighter jet flying at 500km/hr like locking down a football in a football match.
- A condominium experience a nuclear explosion nearby and it is unharmed, without a single piece of glass breaking off.
- You hide behind a sheet of cotton and the alien can't detect you. Apparently the alien that travel through the vast universe has not discovered X-rays.
- Human brain seems to power a gigantic floating alien mothership, I didn't know our brain (which get energy from dead animals and plants) have more energy than a nuclear reactor.
- The analogy for this movie is like you go dig up an ant-hill, plug the ant heads off to make a reactor to power a whole city. Sounds funny? That's what the movie about!
- An alien survived a nuclear blast got killed by human fist.

And the epic failures in the movie:
- The flying tentacle sentries are obviously copied from Matrix.
- The brain-battery idea are also obviously copied from Matrix.
- The brain that don't follow the order and remains self control are damn obviously copied from Matrix (Neo the One).
- The sound and effects are so StarCraft-Protoss. I won't surprise if I heard "Entaro-Adun!" in the middle of somewhere.

My rating for the show: 3/10 [EPIC FAIL]
My recommendation: Save your money for cartoons like MegaMind, ToyStory, or DespicableMe are way more cost effective than watching this crap.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Awesome MSN 2011

*sarcasm* Many people thinks that MSN 2011 is plain crap, but I don't think so, as it stays connected even I've been disconnected from the internet for more than 10 minutes!

Awesome right? Makes me wonder how those Microsoft engineer achieve that :) *sarcasm*

P/S: In case you don't get it, press HERE and press Ctrl-a.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Famosa @ Malacca

Well, it has been a while since I last visited this place. That time I think this blog haven't born yet (yeah, the ugly me from the distant past).

Indoor coconut trees, cool yeah? The small patch of blue thing behind is the big wave pool, said to make people dizzy and throw out.

Photo with signboard, apparently almost everyone does that, including us lah. The bath room here are scary, as there's only a piece of cloth covering the action inside, and the cloth don't cover up everything! People still can see (if they want to) at a hole about 5cm wide.

Basically you could just image bathing in public...

The sliding fut-futs (we called it that way). The left one is the smaller fut-futs, 1-2 person each time; the right one is the family fut-fut, 3-5 person each time. The person in charge there jump into our boat and make us scream like mad because he go make the boat goes 90 degree when going down *faints*.

The lazy river, the place to go when you are tired after all the activity, just float there and pretend to be a floating corpse.

More pictures around the pool

Not clear? Click the picture to enlarge (at your own risk). Comments are not needed :)

After all the water fun we went stop by at Foon's grandmother's place. Apparently everyone got some free banana and a pack of drink for visiting, kind people indeed lol~

- - -

In the night, we went into Malacca town for some layered cake that introduced by Joel. Was sitting beside a huge mirror so might as well as take some picture lah :)

Oh ya, Foon's sister was tagging along for going back to Selangor home for some studying.

The tasty layered cake and the environment. The cake are pretty nice, I heard it was from Japan (not sure the cake itself or the people who made the cake learned it from Japan), definitely worth a try la :) The shop is just opposite Dataran Pahlawan, very near to the Old Town White Coffee.

- - -

The dinner of the day, the good old chicken rice shop below the chicken house (try guessing what this means).

Apparently it wasn't as delicious as I tried it last time, maybe my stomach is full this time, with the attendance of an ulcer in my mouth just kills my appetite, damn.

Well, that makes an one day water park trip in Malacca, 2 days before my final exam. The sun burn on my skin still showing its effect when I'm in the exam hall 2 days later, awesome!

P/S: Yeah this blog post was delayed by about a week due to the busy final exam, but later is better than never right :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

When Exam Question Comes From Facebook

Well this post was inspired by Facebook itself, when one of my friend (which likely to suffering from final exam dilemma) commented that "I hope exams come from Facebook!" on her wall.

Well, let's try and see, there's some random question I busted out:

Q01: Who is the founder of Facebook?
Q02: When Facebook is created?
Q03: What is the initial purpose of Facebook when it is created?
Q04: What is the first Facebook apps?
Q05: What makes Farmville the most popular Facebook application, state 5 reasons.
Q06: Name 3 popular Facebook application developer except Zyunga and PlayFish.
Q07: How much does Facebook worth in the market?
Q08: What is the current population in Facebook (give up to 3 significant figures)?
Q09: Why does China banned Facebook? State at least 3 reasons.
Q10: Should office environment given access to Facebook? State 3 points to hold your standing.
Q11: What are the security issues faced by Facebook? Name at least 2.
Q12: It is not encouraged to have multiple account for Facebook just for being 'stand out' in certain application games, give 2 suggestion to solve this problem.
Q13: There are many web programming language such as php, html, asp, aspx, etc. Facebook is currently using php. Is this the best choice? Why?
Q14: What is the maximum number of people you can tag in a single Facebook photo.
Q15: What is the maximum number of people you can tag in a single Facebook wall post.
Q16: What is the different (in terms of functionality) for private group and public group.
Q17: List the steps to create a fan page in Facebook.
Q18: State 3 usage of Facebook credit.
Q19: An application is spamming on your wall, but you don't wish to remove it either, what is the possible solution?
Q20: If you own Facebook, what would you do?

Now, do you wish exam questions come from Facebook? lol~

Friday, November 05, 2010


You know what, if there's something in this world that you can't live without, it ain't money, it is friends. There are just some topics that are not suitable for family and your other half, friends are great listener.

It doesn't matter what problem you are facing, when it is about time you get saturated, get some friends out and have a tea somewhere, it helps darn a lot (for me at least).

Guess I can stop here for now la, later I scare people feel geli if I wrote too much~ Just want to thank some of my friends that pull out when I asked for some drinks :)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Low EQ

Yes, I admit that I'm a person with darn low EQ. My emotion reflects directly onto my face when I'm not feeling right, and I can't help it.

Worst part is that when I'm not feeling right, it not only reflects on the face, but also my words grow spike, hurting people around (and felt terribly bad after that).

Sometimes looking at the mirror, it felt like looking at a spoiled brat, a type of person that I don't like, and it is myself. In short - it felt like shit.

Enough of crap, better find myself some meaningful things to do before emotion collapses me.

Friday, October 29, 2010

When Laptop Become Desktop

I have no choice but to have a setup like this. My laptop just ain't showing anything unless I plug in an external monitor.

Apparently my sister are having a same problem, which also happen to be a Dell laptop too; which make both of us conclude that: Dell laptop have serious display problem, when the warranty expires.

So people, if you are looking for a laptop, u know what not to choose la.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The One Should Not Stuck at One Place

There was a phrase that caught my attention that day: "The only thing that is not changing is the fact that everything else is changing", and I'm quite agree with what it says.

For myself, I just can't stand myself repeating the same stuff for too long, no matter how interesting it is. For example, I once thought a game is so nice to play with and could never get bored at it, and in the end I'm bored out of the game.

My recent university life was not to said boring, but it is too plain. Nothing big coming up, everyday job is repeating the same cycle. People around keep complaining too busy and lack of time to do stuff... Well I don't know, I felt the busy life as a part of the plain daily routine as well.

So all these make me feel that I can't take a routine job in the future, I could rot and die out of boredom, which is a problem as all fresh graduate will do (normally) would go for a routine work for safety. If that's the case, what should I look for?

Some project based work would do just fine, as the environment changes as the project switches. It could be better that I could be my own boss (dreaming), so that I could control the things the way I want it to be (continue dreaming).

Hoe the coming holiday I could sort out something to work on to plan for something that could lead me to something I want la, amithaba...

And finally, all the statement above does not apply to the loved one of course :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Balancing the Unbalanced

It has been a while since I've been ranting here, actually there is so many things in my mind to be vomited out, but just can't get started (mainly due to laziness and sensitive people around me - you know what I mean).

Well, someone been telling that my blog has gone boring, and I'm surprise that my blog was even interesting before to begin with :) Sorry I've let some of the reader down but I'll try do my best to compensate what's been lost in my blog ya.

Well that was a long introduction, let me get into the main title now...

- - -

I'm sure many many of us has been running into this question of balancing, between achievements and friendship. One of the typical example is that doing something that people around you don't usually do, and performing better. Don't understand? What I mean is being more hardworking than rest of the people.

What's the problem with that? Big problem.

You see, from what I experienced is that achievement and friendship are enemy that fights to the death, for most of the cases except some special one. Higher the achievement, greater solitude you get.

Still don't get it? Well people tends to stay in a group with the same level, you climb too high people isolate you. This does not only apply to my current university life, but I'm sure it is more "severe" in working life.

You did too well, people say you're cocky, your did on normal peace, your heart tells you that "you could do better than that", which you could, and you feel suppressed because of keeping in peace with others.

So, you might ended up as a cocky person (said by other people), or just-another-random-normal-person. I don't like both result, and therefore keeping the balance between the two. Being humble with great achievements is totally a lie, nobody can achieve that (I'm quite sure of that).

Life's hard, and it reminds me an old quote of mine - To wish life to be fair, you better wait for earth to be square.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Incoming New Member II

Oh man this little fella is just so FLUFFY! Recently just moved him to outside, and get to have a few clearer shot.

Still, he is too black... really hard to have a nice shot, wait it to grow bigger first la~

Friday, October 08, 2010

Incoming New Member

Meet Lucky (name given from my dad, I'm not sure it's final or not), the new puppy adopted in my house, as the current dog (Koffi) is so failed as a guard dog.

As you can see in the picture, it's plain black (so you can't name it mocha, cappuccino, or frappuccino. It just don't suit!). This poor thing suffered a bath and meefon eating for the stupid maid... Gwar...

Later I tried for a second shot with flash turns on, but this naughty fella just can't sit still for me to take a good shot!

This little thing is just so noisy (wants to get out), and just very hyper active for a 2 months old dog! Hope I can get a clearer shot later (with someone help me to hold him still).

Hope he could be a good guard dog la, else Mailo gotta be sad in the heaven :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

Blue Ink, Black Word

Got cheated by Pilot T.T the package outside there write 0.5 blue refill, but write out black word!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Officially a Voter

Suddenly had nothing to do, then suddenly recall that I've filled some forms to register as a voter months ago. Then I went to check for my status... Mainly due to blood boiling of recent news around (which shows "still in progress" in my last checking).

And it's finally done! I'm officially a voter now, fear me government! Bwahahahah... *went crazy*

P/S: You can check electoral roll here too!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nuffnang Said...

Today got an email from Nuffnang (which I've almost forgotten that I'm one of the member) saying:

And I found this pretty hilarious... As it somehow reminds me that I'm a Nuffnanger, instead of warning me of click fraud abuse.

As I said earlier, I've almost forgotten I'm one of the Nuffnangers since Project Alpha has ended. The main reason is that:
- I don't really care about income from my blog now as it was so little.
- My blog have a poor visitor count (don't really care either).
- I could categorize Nuffnang ads with panda and Orang Utan - Closing to extinction and rarely seen by human being!

Just what the $%# man, your god damn ads rarely pops out and you warning me about click fraud now!

And thanks to Nuffnang, I somewhat get to make a post out of nothing from my current boring life (eat, sleep, study, exam).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anyone There?

Well, this post was inspired by Ting Wei, just wondering is anyone around still reading this lame blog of mine :)

*Photo taken in i-City, with a rotating hand and a camera without anti-shake.

Friday, August 27, 2010

With BBQ We Serve

Don't ask about the title, it was the big miao's idea for the event name :)

Location: Residents of the CCSE gang.

A few of us trying to start up the fire :)

Then dunno why more and more people come to help (even the place was darn crowded already), I guess guys likes to play with fire after all lol.

Goo setting up another pit for cooking the vegetarian food, with idea of utilizing modern technology (electric fan) instead of the classic way (hand fan).

And it works pretty well :)

The kitchen group, preparing some other food that can't throw into the BBQ pit.

This is (not) the production from the kitchen team :) Scare anyone can't have enough of food so we ordered a special delivery.

The things that (can) thrown into the BBQ pit :) The chicken wings are a big success!

There's a saying about "when there is God Yeo, there's always poker at your service".

And they can grow in number easily after a while.

Attendance taken with a pretty awesome method.

Laptop bags, well you know what is it for right?

And finally the burning baking started! The lower photo looks like 3 knights crossing sword for some oath or something, except they sword looks... creative!

Though the house is not very big, but it can fit 20+ people eating together with no problem! There's enough fork and spoon so that nobody will experience starvation :D

And more people going for second round of baking. In the middle we give a phone call to the poor Kok Seng who was hospitalized due to some lung infection. Wish him recover quickly la!

Oh ya, we did a surprise birthday party for Desmond, and celebrated Hoay Yan and Kok Yeong's one along (actually just singing for them~) :)