Friday, May 27, 2011

My Sweat and Blood

I was supposed to post this last week, but was delayed due to my Taiwan trip, so it is time for me to update the stuffs that I missed!

I could consider I'm done at my university life, things coming should be getting a fine work and accumulating happiness.

My post on Taiwan trip should be coming up next, gosh got tons of photo to be uploaded...

Saturday, May 07, 2011

End of One, Start of Another One

I guess it's time for me to report something here, else I would have almost forgotten I have a blog in my backyard (and I blame Facebook for this).

Anyway, my recent life has been boring. Mostly regarding thesis, final exams, eat, and sleep. Well maybe some date here and there but that's not on the discussion here. So...

I've been on zombie mode for some time... I know...

Anyway, the test is over for now. Whats coming next would be my FYP expedition, technical paper, and I can officially say goodbye to UPM, and move to the next stage of life, looking for a job.

So yea, I guess my privilege as a student with no income going to end soon :(

About looking for job, basically I've shortlisted a few company, each with their pros and cons. Guess I need to consult the people around me before making decision... Yea I tends to be picky when I've given some choice, I know I'm bad but I just can't help it~

To remind myself, I think my next post will be on my choices available, and some thinking about the choices. Hope I made the best decision though.

All the best to myself!