Saturday, February 16, 2008

2008 Chinese New Year

It has been a really really busy year, yes it was. Even the CNY holidays are just one week, but heck, my holiday is completely filled with different outing before the new year and more outing during the new year! Let's see what's up during the new year:

A visit back to CHS:
It is new year after all, me and Joel, went back to CHS (out of boredom or something) to visit our teachers that has been so dedicated to crazy monkeys like us. We bought some new year cards in the 7-11 outside the school, and realize that we don't have a pen! So we went to BaoNing's house, which is just outside of CHS, to borrow a pen for writing the cards. When we went into the school, the first teacher we meet is - KaiMa (Pn Lim)! So with a hurry, we produced a rushed card right in front of her and gave it to her, what a joke! After that, we went to canteen to produce more cards for the teachers.

And yay, the cards are finally done. We walked around and meet the teachers around such as Pn ChanMoi, funny and cheerful as always, Pn Sim, dedicated and still remember the good old 5s7 gang 4 years ago, Pn Wong, the never changing penguin, Pn Zaipah, we visited her in the class, found many people sleeping in the class as usual, Pn Felicia, though just tought me for like one month when I'm still in the science class, she told us that she still remember everyone she though and send her best wishes to us all, and En Kean, my most respected math teacher ever.
We've also heard that Ms Lina quit teaching and went retired (or something) last year and we went "what the..." shock out of our face, oh we sure miss her teachings.

A new year karaoke and dinner with Pn Wong:
One of the busy day around, I went karaoke with the bio gang (me, Joel, Queenie, Lian, Fung, WeiYao, ShuQi, ChoiWan, SweeWen, and a few more la) for like, 5 hours... And thank god, my voice are still in contact with my throat after shouting for like 5 hours! And thanks to that, our group were late for the Pn Wong dinner in the night! Sometimes is bad when RedBox don't chase people out when they reach the time, hahaha...

Anyway, as the culture of six formers of 2006, we must visit Pn Wong during new year and disturb her no matter what!

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