Sunday, June 27, 2010

1 Meal, 5 Dish, 13 People

Went to a restaurant with only 4 tables, one cook. The dish are all monstrous size, and really delicious too! I guess the only bad thing is the packaging and the location (Pudu Plaza).

How big is this plate? Well imagine a 3 years old kid with a turtle shell, and the plate is the size of the shell.

Looks like just a chicken? Actually it is chicken with some fish below, eating them together never taste so great!

Pork ribs with chicken leg. Ever eaten a pork rib that you don't really need any strength to tear it apart? No leh~

Gigantic prawn mee, with the mee could hardly be seen since the prawn covered most of it.

Dessert, yam that covered with some honey-sugar thing and it is crunchy! Uhh... Sounds weird but it is really yum yum!

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