Friday, October 08, 2010

Incoming New Member

Meet Lucky (name given from my dad, I'm not sure it's final or not), the new puppy adopted in my house, as the current dog (Koffi) is so failed as a guard dog.

As you can see in the picture, it's plain black (so you can't name it mocha, cappuccino, or frappuccino. It just don't suit!). This poor thing suffered a bath and meefon eating for the stupid maid... Gwar...

Later I tried for a second shot with flash turns on, but this naughty fella just can't sit still for me to take a good shot!

This little thing is just so noisy (wants to get out), and just very hyper active for a 2 months old dog! Hope I can get a clearer shot later (with someone help me to hold him still).

Hope he could be a good guard dog la, else Mailo gotta be sad in the heaven :)


kclai31 said...

cannot see his face ler.. heard got many many many kutu...

Kev said...

the title of your blog post gave me the impression that you're gonna have a kid soon :)

well an additional member entails additional responsibility.

Good luck :)

Lion said...

@sis: actually is not kutu, is the puppy skin falling off~

@kev: lol my mom are taking good care of him :)