Saturday, July 14, 2007

Life of a university student - Part I

It's been 2 week where I've been stuck in UPM and finally I get myself some time to come back home! Miss my bed and my computer so badly!

The University's life
Orientation? Good and bad I guess, the good thing is that we get to learn many interesting cheers (haka, hunga, boo gorilla, perfect 10, etc) and dance that seems to be useful for *cough*kao lui*cough* when there's some function around (they called it bocor-bocor, not sure with the spellings). The bad things? Tons of it, not enough sleep, gila senior that yell and shout in the morning, then praise and nice in the night, much much more unpredictable than woman. Army-like life that simply sucks for people like me. Food that's terrible and horrible, almost every morning, noon, and night meal there's curry chicken or simply something red! Not to forget those stupid, boring, lame, sleepy, idiotic talks that we had in the Dewan Besar (The big hall, the biggest hall I've ever seen, I think it can fit up to 3500 people without any problem).

Life? 2 word - Independent life. The main concept of university is "live your life, but do my things". Why? You see, they let us to make our own time table (thanks to that some of us don't even have class at Friday, pulling everything to other days) but you are FORCED to take at least 2 credit hour for co-curriculum. See? The choice is not "take or not", is "take and pick your time". Sadly we were the first batch that was involved in this 2 credit system!

Room? Okay la, as big as my room in home, just that there's 2 bed. Strangely there's 3 table and 3 cupboard. I asked the senior about it and they tell me that it used to have 3 people in a single room, now it changed to 2 people each, well I personally prefers to have more people in one room since there's more fun right? Oh, by the way the view outside my room is quite nice, see some photos la!

Sleep? 3 word - Hot and mo
squito. Yea yea, I was expecting a night with no air-con, but still it is still hard to get used to it! Especially when you are not in your room, wearing short pants (long pants will heat u to fever), and lots of mosquito sucking your blood! There were once that I was woke by the itchiness! Not to forget the morning solat at 5.45a.m that woke me up in the first few morning; now I've almost immune to the cursed thing now, however there's still few times that I was awaken by it and screwing it early in the morning...

Laundries? Wash yourself! Lucky enough there's a washing machine here, all I need is a Dynamo and a tong! The picture below is the washing machine and the another is I'm hanging my shirt in my room.

Classes? Some classes have already started and most of the stpm students were yawning through the whole class. Why? For example, the Electric Circuit class, the first topic of the day is Kircchorff's Law... As for Math class, we were learning Functions... Which was repeated over 1000 times in stpm! Felt like taking stpm all over again! Anyway there's this lake in my faculty, quite a nice view to calm your heart.

Friends? passing around their mouth, Many many new friends were made! In UPM u get to know almost all kind of people from all around Malaysia. For example, the 2 fella in the photo came from Sarawak! And thanks to them now I know a few Iban bad words to scold people without knowing! Other than there I've also get to know more people out of the circle of Chinese. Some Malays are really good... Yeah some only... That day I saw a bunch of people sitting in a circle with a cigarette passing around their mouth, eww...

Blogging? 1 word - no. Okay the computers in the campus is lame, I can access to frienster blog but not blogspot! They seems to be blocking blogspot! What the hell!


- My first Chinese meal since I get into UPM, some pork in the noodle is a must for this case!

- Poker in the room

- My card matrik, this is the IC in UPM, lost this and you are in deep shit.

- Me and MeiMei on the Sunday family day visit!

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