Saturday, August 04, 2007

辩论 + Genting!

Oh my god, there's so many events running around in UPM, since I'm so freaking busy with all the activities (studies, debates, outing, course night...) + the crappy connection in the faculty + no time to go home (screw the coco activities in the Saturday); basically it will be freaking RARE for me to update my blog from now unless I get some net connection in my hostel; which is another mystery yet to be solved.

Alright enough with the mumbling, since I'm home now (which is one of the rare cases), is time to put up some interesting events around the corner. Here's one of it, the trip to Genting with the 辩论组. Honest speaking, it's been 10 years since I went up there last time.

Feelings up there?
Simple, refreshing -> chilling -> cold -> very cold -> freaking cold -> freezing -> freezed.
Okay... Not that serious, but it is really kinda cold up there I wasn't expecting so cold up there so I didn't bring any j
acket up there, which make my luggage the lightest among all. (Now think back I kinda regretted, thanks to my light luggage I was asked to carry other luggage... Though I don't mind carry a girls luggage, but her attitude really puke me up, urgh!)

This is, a camp for debates after all, so the activities will involve debates of course. When I reached up there we were asked to join into different groups immediately and start to brainstorming ideas for our debate title. My title was "Man needs more cares than woman", and I'm on the offending side (which mean I need to think why woman need more cares, God). Anyway the picture on the left is taken when we were digging ideas and put it on the papers!

<- The do and don't during a debate stage from the seniors by using the latest technology, slide show.

<- Demo from the seniors, feel the wrath of the words.

Since we are at Genting after all, of course we need to take a walk around! Sadly the free time we were given is 11.30am to 1.30am, which mean most of the facilities had closed down. End up where we went? Yeap, StarBucks coffee! (Which was given the name of "mamak" by YunRen). Try do some small calculation there, each cup costs around RM12-18, with around 6 cups on the table... Man these coffee shop are really sucking up big money from idiots like myself. Damn!

Go home?
Okay time flies, 3 day 2 nights is fast. (Though for me I feel like there's only 2 day 2 night since I'm the 2nd batch that reach there, it's already night time when we reach there.) I get to use the cable car to go back to the hills! Mmm, there's a small incident happened in between. The cable car suddenly stopped in the middle. Thank god that the girls around didn't go frenzy, however I heard there's some scream at the cable car in front *laugh* must be another group gone lost control.

Of course, how could I miss the chance to take some photos with the ladies around haha!


Well then, I guess that's all for this one, my thanks to all the seniors for all the whole event, it is very interesting! (Of course la, if not why would I post it in my blog *laughing out loud*)

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