Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Singapore: Here I come!

Just came back from Singapore! So I guess is time to blog a little about it.

It is Wednesday, early in the morning YeeKaChe (ykc) and Yan came to sec5 to have morning breakfast in Raju, and went to the bus station right after the breakfast. The bus company is called First Coach, with the buses inside have a small TV on each chair, and also some-sort of controls on the chair, been pressing buttons and messing around with the stuff and realize that none of it are working! So what left for me in the bus is my phone and the games in it! Thank god that I'm able to lasts through the 5 hours in the bus without having too many spider web on my head.

We reached there around 2.30pm, Jeremy suppose to fetch us to WeiWei's house so we waited at the Nenova for his arrival. It was raining. While waiting and concentrating our eye on the roads for Jeremy's car, suddenly I heard ykc screamed. I turned my face and realize that Jeremy is there and ykc is hitting him. Was wondering what the hell happened then I found out that Jeremy "snatched" ykc's handbag when all of us was concentrating on the roads. A bad prank indeed, ykc has been snatched twice already, and in phobia of it already! Anyway, thanks to him we don't need the long wait for the MRT and reached WeiWei's house earlier than expected.

We took a short break and followed ykc to visit aunty Bettie. (Hope I spelled correctly la, somebody related to ykc la!) She's a really funny person indeed, she has showed us all around the interesting place in Singapore (some bar street and some seafood street), treated us some supper, a beer in a bar, etc. She had also told us about the luge and skyride in sentosa and that makes up our following day's plan - Sentosa!

A beer in the bar, don't show this to my mom!

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