Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bam and Spec

What a stupid day! Today went out with my aunt to make a new spec, in Amcorp. So what happened? In the car park, when parking, suddenly I found a parking next to a big pillar, so I quickly turned in, but sadly my turning is bad, so I need to do a reverse and turn in again, so, I do the reverse, and that's it, the "Bam".


I hit on an Myvi. Who's fault was it? I don't know, it's my fault that I didn't look to the back mirror when doing the reverse, and is her fault that she stick so close to my butt and simply can't wait for another 3 seconds for me to finish my parking. I swear, I've only reverse for like 50-80 cm only, you could imagine how close the Myvi's head is close to my butt. The funny thing is that the Myvi's head totally f*ed up while my proton's butt is just a scratch, not even noticeable unless you look closely. Lesson of the day, dun get Myvi! And of course... Always look at the back mirror even you are just doing a small reverse, there are idiotic driver everywhere!

Fine, forget about the damn Myvi, just made my new spec, no more frameless spec for me! Chosen a half frame, dark one. Here's the picture!

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