Sunday, March 16, 2008

A suddent stay in Sunway Hotel

Well the story itself is hilarious, Mr. Joel Thean, that is celebrating his anniversary with his girlfriend, failed. The celebration was held in the Sunway Hotel (well I'm still unsure of the whole process, but that's what happened) and it ended up that:
  • He have a hotel room for 2 people.
  • The "she" can't make it.
  • The room have an empty space.
  • Out of desperation, he gave me a phone call.
And that's basically why I ended myself for having a night in a so-called "six star hotel" by Joel. Well I'm not sure weather that place is really six star, but it is really grand and giving out a "rich people stays here" feeling.
Anyway, we took a short video introducing the place, enjoy :)

For more information, go here.

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