Monday, June 02, 2008


Was working in the holidays to kill boredom. It is my first sales job, and to be honest, I don't really like it nor hate it.

Selling what? Expensive things...

50 inch full HD plasma TV, interested anyone? Call me if you have 15k and have nowhere to spend it.

And more, from 37 inch to 65 inch; from LCD to plasma; from not-so-cheap to very-expensive. One of the reason (and the main reason) I like the job is because of the high pay. Anyway la, you also get to have more experience on sales and improve your social skills.

And the bad thing is, almost all the fella above me seems to have some connection with Satan. They are cold, wood, chickenface, butthead, duckmouth, and all the bad thing you can imagine on a bossy people. Curses!

More pictures on the product I'm selling:

My special thanks to the people below:
Joel - For introducing this job.
Eric - Panasonnic instructor that taught us all the basic things in sales.
Karim - Full-time promoter in the shop that taught me so many things on how to tackle customer's question.
Kelvin - The stupid fella that helps me to burn my time in the shop when we have nothing to do.

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