Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunway Lagoon

Yet the story start from mister Joel Thean, telling me there is free ticket to Sunway Lagoon, and hence, 6 people answers his summon and reached Sunway Pyramid today (free ticket ma, who don't want to go).

So after reaching the place, we saw this:

Yep, we kena tipu.

It seems that the way to obtain the free ticket is pretty easy, buy a magazine that worth not more than 10 bucks and inside will have a free ticket for 2 peoples into the Sunway Lagoon (and by the way, it also seems that it is not the water theme park the ticket offer, looks like some kind of event taking place in Sunway Lagoon only).

Then Joel suggested we go to the real water theme park by paying the entrance fee (which is 45 bucks each). We traveled all the way to the entrance, and saw bunch of people lining up for tickets too. We lined for few minutes and suddenly saw an aunty coming out from the theme park and shouting: "What the hell so many people, can't even move or play, I want to refund my ticket!"

Everyone looking (or should I say, staring) at Joel.

So we ended up watching movie instead. The movie was quite full too but luckily we manage to get the tickets for Kungfu Panda at 5.30pm. The time we bought the ticket is at 2.30pm. Which means we have 3 hours to spend before sitting in the cinema. Which also leads us to the arcade playing some stupid arcade games, and picked a random restaurant to have some drinks.

As usual, the advantage of camera phone can never be taken lightly:

Donuts, had a dozen of it before buying the movie tickets. Surprisingly half of the gang are not familiar with this food and had their hands covered with cream, chocolate, and tiramisu.

Left: As usual, Joel is clown-ing again.
Right: Oh yeah, we meet Ah Jit (with his friend, from what he said is "his lui" but dunno him larh) when we were buying the tickets and he joined us for the arcade and movie too. The world is indeed so small.

And we ended our day with a chop stick dinner at Asia Cafe. Arghh... It makes me feel that how awful is our university's cafe is. Inti people, you all should appreciate things around you for real, the local university's cafe is totally incomparable with Asia Cafe!


Isabella Chow said...

Hi, U might not knowing me,but u are 1 of my fren's fren...My hotmail is, we can make friend if u want..

I went to Sunway Lagoon the day before u did and there are really crowded especially the queue to change the tickets is as long as China Great Wall...What a coincident is I bought donut oso..

Anyway, please to meet u...

Lion said...

Urh... nice to meet you... but mind to tell me who's the friend you talking about? :p