Thursday, July 03, 2008

Singapore - Part I

Yipes, went to Singapore for the past few days (28th June - 2nd Julai). Reason of going? Being a supporter and also for meeting my sister. Basically the whole trip is pretty simple, meeting sis, then busy for the debate competition all the way...

So I split the whole trip into 2 parts, the first part will be the day spent with sis and the another part will be talking about the competition alone. So let me start with NTU's hostel, the place where I spend for the nights in Singapore, a ideal study place where all of us dreamed for, thus resulting in showing how shit is Malaysia's local university.

Just take a look at the nice, new-looking, clean, comfortable:

<- Big cabinet
Big table->

Arghh! That really makes us go insane, the hostel is even better than my room! You see: clean toilet, hot water bath, wooden floor, big study table, green environment, free washing machine, amazing canteen food that varies from Japanese food to western food,and also the meeting room with air-con and sofa! Can't see what's so special? Well let's compare with local university's hostel where you get: dirty toilet, cold water bath, simen floor, small study table, noisy environment, 2 bucks for washing your cloths, sicken canteen food, and all the shitty animals that lives with you. Heaven and hell man!

Okay, enough with the environment. Meet up with sis on the second day of arrival, where we'll go for lunch, Starbucks, and some comic festival hosted around the corner. Well let the pictures do the talking here.

Left: The Starbucks Dark Mocha Frappuccino, freaking nice.

Right: Is the Ironman!!

Left: Star Wars fella on the move!
Right: Urh... Some big-head-shorties...

Is me and sis with the red shorties!

Went to to watch Wanted after the festival and some shopping, pretty nice show, you can expect matrix stuff in this show.In matrix you see Neo stop bullets, here you see people curve the bullets, people's mind are going insane lately...

And finally the dinner, went into some Chinese restaurant and enjoyed a really nice dinner, not forgetting the awesome 东波肉 and the duck.

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cielle said...

He can tease you and yet make it looks like one of his joke. Even when he is sad, he still has that funny face, so you could hardly tell if he is mad or depress. He likes to hide his feeling and help other people especially those who need friend or lonely.

this part! i m totally agree with the 1st sentence!!

but sincerly... if u r sad,
feel free to share with me doe i m not a very good counsellor... but i m ready to share and listen :D