Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life of a university student - Part IV

Life was really busy lately, no joke lorh. School has been started for 4 weeks and my blog is still in holiday mode! Omg!

So it is time to put something up. But before this, let us revise some of the old picture I put on last semester.
Yeap, is the wall-climbing activity where we get to go out have pork rice pork mee and escape from the call of their beloved god during the meal time. However after a holiday, we get this:

Shit lorh, of all the place they wish to throw their maintenance money, they threw it here. See the spiked wire on top, and the iron bar in the middle. It looks like nothing but a JAIL! My god... Next year seriously need to consider for staying outside campus!

Anyway, there is always a "leak hole" in any sort of things, look below:
I really salute the people who did this, to bring a saw and cut the iron bar, WaLao! Thus the way to the outside world is clear once again, thanks to some anonymous people who cut the iron bar!


Yes yes, the picture might be small, but take a closer look to the center of the picture. The hostel have new visitors walking around, other than cats; we have chickens as well. Extra dinner plate anyone?


For this one, the picture looks normal, it is me, behind the beach. However the story behind will makes you drop your jaw. Here's how the whole thing like:

6.00am : Wake up 10 minutes earlier, sit in a car and go to Port Dickson in the early Sunday morning.
9.00am : Reached PD, gave a quick speech in the 博营 (UPM Chinese Society Camp) about the debate club and its activities.

9.30am : Went down to the beach after the speech, took the photo.
9.45am : Sit back into the car going back to UPM.
11.30am : Reached UPM and continue my sleep.

My friend went "omgwtfbbq" when I told them the story, can't blame them anyway. So the story of the day would be: "There are many things that can be done in a single morning".


Well this is what I've been playing recently. A microprocessor with 32 buttons and 8 switches that makes up to be one of the early stage of computer back in 1978. So you might think that "Orh, playing with things that invented 30 years ago, sounds easy larh!" but you are totally WRONG! This course subject, microprocessor is killing everyone in the class, thanks to some very smart people and some very smart lecturer.

Sometimes I really can't understand why the people 30 years ago can think of something this crazy, and the people before them, that does things in just 0 and 1 logics that goes even more insane! Don't look down on that stupid board, with the proper software put in it, it could just be anything, from calculator to a computer.

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