Friday, July 17, 2009

Life of a university student - Part VIII

It's time to rant.

Rant about what? About how stupid UPM is. They are pissing me off for real this time, RAWR!

To make thing simple, here's what happened:
  • Back in first year, UPM told us that MUET band 5 students can be exempted on two English subject (6 credit hour in total).
  • So of course I exempted those subject to lighten my workload to have more time to handle the difficult things.
  • Now, when I'm in my third year, where things start to get difficult, they tell us "Oh sorry ah, we take back our words earlier, you NEED to have those credit hours on English in order to GRADUATE.
Can we say "NO"? Of course we can't, that's how the things work in local university.

What can we do? Retake those English subject lorh, in the time where we should concentrate more on our serious core subjects. Not only increasing our workload, but also wasting our time running around to find suitable time that does not crash with our time table, which basically a hard task.

PLEASE LARH! Why this fucking university so fucking stupid one?!


Kev said...

Hmm...sounds familiar. In my university, you'll need to study one year of English, get Band 3 (MUET) and then you can continue with first year.

Anyway, I know govt universities are crap because my wife who's also a lecturer tells me about MUET requirement in her university - they change their minds too and who suffers? Students!!

Something's wrong with the managemetn in public Uni, or in the Ministry of Education. They've plenty of scholars who are Professors and PhD holders, but they have no bloody brains.

Lion said...

The same question has been asked for so many times: "How in the fish do they get their PhD with that level of mentality?"

Or, was it really because the PhD they holding are the cert for Permanent-Head-Damage?