Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today was crapping around in the car (as usual) with my friend and he told me some really funny definitions for UPM, so here I'm sharing with you all here.

University Perompak Malaysia: Perompak = Robbers
- Yeah, robbery happens, some people I know get robbed in the middle of the road when going to Sri Serdang for some dinner.

University Pegawai Malaysia: Pegawai = Guards
- UPM definitely have hack load of money to hire so many guards, and quite a number of them have some really bad attitude problem. Many people already experienced this.

University Perempuan Malaysia: Perempuan = Ladies
- Well, except a certain faculty, all the remaining faculty are dominated by the ladies. Well I don't think it only happens in UPM anyway, more or less nationwide problem.

University Peperiksaan Malaysia: Peperiksaan = Tests
- Nobody like tests, especially when we have test 1, test 2, and final tests. In normal cases, 60-80% of our marks is actually determined in mere 4 hours of tests.

University Perokok Malaysia: Perokok = Smokers
- Who the monkey say the university is not allowed to smoke? You can see the workers even the lectures smoking just around the corner.

University Problem Malaysia:
- Problems always happens, but here even the most stupidest (sorry for violation of grammar) problem still happens, always. I experienced this myself when they announced band 5 students need to retake their English here.

University Puncet Malaysia: Puncet = Gas leak from tires
- Well, heard this from my friends that using motorcycle. They always experience breakdown from the tire for no reason around the school campus.

And the latest!
University Penyakit Malaysia: Penyakit = Diseases
- The whole university just closed down due to cases of H1N1 around, dragging our August holiday to tomorrow, out of sudden. Just imagine you went to school like a normal day and came back with a sudden holiday for one week. What the monkey?

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