Sunday, November 22, 2009

Penang Trip - Toy Museum

Went to the toy museum under the suggestion of the Thean. The entrance fee is a whooping 10 bucks! But I think it is worth it, as I had spent around one and a half hour there, with air con and nice environment without the hot sun in Penang.

I'm a 100% Final Fantasy fan/lover/supporter!

Metal Gear Solid and Gundam.

Wall E and Star Wars.

Legend of Zelda and Pirates of the Caribbean.

World of Warcraft!

Lara Croft, playing with camera angle.

Death Note.

Nightmare before Christmas.

Dragon Ball, brings back old memories!

Toy Story! Hope they don't come alive for real...

Matrix, Neo kicking Smith's ass.

M&M's, but these little fella are not eatable :(

Any Garfield fans?

Doraemon, my favorite always!

Kungfu Panda, hiak! hiak!

Ninja Turtles!

Ultraman, Superman, who is the strongest man?

Painful stuff...

Ugly stuff...

The men's toilet, was wondering any gentlemen wanted to pee into the belly of some female gorilla?

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