Monday, November 16, 2009

Penang Trip - Sleeping Buddha + Kek Lok Si

Went to two big temple in a single morning, first is the sleeping Buddha temple, which also is a Thailand (Siam) temple.

The sleeping Buddha is not only big, is extremely monstrous gigantically huge! Currently under maintenance and the lower part of the body is covered, only manage photo the head, but the whole body can't fit into the camera anyway...

It seems like this place not only have a big sleeping Buddha, also have a huge standing Buddha!

Garden in the temple.

These are all make from Marble (a type of expensive rock), and ready to be moved to an under construction temple.


Next station, Kek Lok Si (极乐寺).

There is a huge Guna Yin under construction. Wondering Batu Cave's golden statue vs the Penang Guan Yin which will be bigger?

Behind me is the pagoda of the Buddha, climbing up is not an easy task!


Dad's name!

Temple ma, of course got many namo namo namo inside, but some of them are not allowed for photo taking.

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