Sunday, January 31, 2010

Donate by a Click?

I'm quite sure many of us has encountered these invitation in Facebook, such as a person will donate x bucks for each person in the fan group; or he will do some charity for each person in the fan group.

Normally we won't mind to spare a click on the group: "It doesn't even take more than a few seconds, so let alone it be real of fake." If that's what you are thinking, you are so wrong!

Assuming it is fake:
Basically, you wasted your time. But do remember that you increased the group count by one, and that leads to trouble. You see, big groups often gives people impression that: "Oh, this is a big group, it should be real."

Consequently, the group grow bigger and bigger. Imagine having a big group and a huge traffic, it will generate a formula:
Large traffic x Advertisement = Money

In conclusion: You, helped nobody but making the person who 'claims' that he will donate money richer.

Assuming it is real:
Alright, assuming that it wasn't a scam, and the person did donate some bucks. However if you think twice, if a person wanted to make donation, why should he make a fan group and make donation based on the fan group? The answer is easy, the person is buying fame with money, telling whole world that he do charity.

Also, if it is real and he somehow proofed his/her transaction being real, people will start believing it more and again, large traffic you get. Below is a screenshot I got from a person after showing screenshot of his transaction:
Yeah right, selling T-shirts. I'm not sure about his currency, but it makes me wonder that he don't make a single cent through that.

Now you see?
If you want to help, go to the bank and do direct donation to trusted charity organization. I'm sorry to tell but I never trusted anything being REAL in the virtual world of the internet.

Tell your friends, warn them that do not let these people take advantage of the poor victim of disaster!

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