Saturday, February 06, 2010

CNY Special - Early Yee Sang

Yeap, is the chandelier restaurant again. It is an early celebration for my uncle's reunion dinner. As usual I went to "chi yam chi sik" again, hahaha...

The main course (for me) is the yee sang here since this is the first yee sang I have in 2010!

The manager explained that this yee sang is a Hong Kong style yee sang; where usually in Malaysia, we will have 七彩鱼生 (chat coi yee sang) but this one is 鸿运鱼生 (hong wan yee sang) that there is no other colour but red, orange, and white. The ingredients are very fresh and very nice!

3... 2... 1... Lou ah! Lou ah!

Pork hand, yummy~

Their good recommendation, Beijing duck, where the skin and the meat are divided into 2 different meals.

And several other meal such as the vegetable, chicken, etc.

That makes up my early new year dinner. After having the yee sang now very in new year mood, awh~ GONG XI GONG XI GONG XI FA CHAI!

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