Monday, July 19, 2010

Internship - Last Day

The days of internship has finally ended, university has started once again, should feel happy? sad? Don't know la, wheels of life continue to roll on.
My office look, the smog is not to protect the hard disk form me, but rather protect me from the cold air-con in the office.

My supervisor a.k.a. department manager treated us an awesome farewell vegetarian lunch. Thank you boss!

One of my krazy colleague~ Funny guy larh him :D

The farewell cake from colleague (I heard is from Wong, our very responsible senior that take very good care of us). Anyway, big big thank you and feel very touched leh~

It's me with the yummy cakeeeeeee~

Here's the cake cutting, and the person (second photo, standing in middle) is our very nice senior I mentioned earlier.

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