Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Malacca Trip

Oh yeah ladies and gentleman, prepare for an extremely long blog post coming up! The Malacca trip with me, dear, Thean, Foon, and a very special person that *first time* appear in my blog - Sheow Fong!

Our first stop, lunch at some nyonya restaurant with extremely delicious (and extremely spicy) nyonya food. Each of them cost around RM3.50 to RM4.00, what can I say, CHEAP LAH!

The environment, I wonder how long has those pictures has been hanging up there without anyone even touching them. Spider webs and dust is all over, getting near and prepare tissue for big sneezing!

Durian chendol, things that you can't find better anywhere else other than Melacca :)

The very famous chicken 'rice ball', just walking pass, never went into it, we all agree that we should save the tummy for something better :D

Now days they automate almost anything using machinery, and even display the automating process so that everyone go 'woo' and 'waa' over it (yeah I'm one of it).

Next stop, visiting Zheng He (郑和) Museum, the very famous person that said to sail the largest wood-made ship ever and being one of the earliest explorer in history. Learned two facts about him that I never realize: He's a Muslim and a real eunuch (太监)!

Well I have no idea why a terracotta soldier is placed at the door of Zheng He's museum, without a weapon in his hand. Anyway larh, Joel has gave him a new thing to hold on~

Well, this is not a painting, but real doll displays that showing the busy Malacca street. The guide (yes we have a guide to explain stuffs to us) told us that the position of the dolls tend to move to another place over the night where nobody touches it, Malaysia version of 'Night in the museum"?

Let's hope that the position of the dolls does not move around for this picture too *grins*.

Left: Queen Fung with the eunuch Foon, wakakakaka~
Right: Joel with the removed private part of the eunuch :S

Zheng He's crazy ship fleet, with the largest one are as big as a stadium (they say larh).

The museum also have some room that simulate the rooms inside Zheng He's ship. The above is the medical room, where you can find mahjong and chess inside it (what the...), while the bottom are the place for the pilot to have their sleep.

I'm seriously have no idea why there is this cave-looking tunnel inside a museum...

Some ancient antique they dig out from an ancient well, comes in two package: in one piece or in pieces.

A story telling stage that... the story teller is clearly recorded by a Singaporean...

I personally find this wall damn awesome!

Another bowl of chendol after leaving the museum~

Well, the usual must-go place when visiting Malacca, since this place is like the center of everything, so you can't really miss it. I bet anyone who been to Malacca must've been to these places several times.

Joel is damn upset for missing the Bon Odori, so he say that the Bon Odori fan need to appear in his photo in memory for the great Bon Odori that he missed.

Went to another museum, a ship looking one. 3 bucks of entrance fee, hack load of people, hack little of space to stand.

The fact is, we enjoyed the air-con inside more than the things displayed inside, oh well... It was damn hot outside larh.

Random photo taking around the place.

Another victim of Joel's loyalty to Bon Odori

Sheow Fong's sister was visiting Malacca at the same time too, met with her a few time and got her to take a few shot of group photo for us :)

There goes one big ship :)

Unable to stop self-shocking when a good photo taking location has been found...

Went to Jonker Street, where people mountain people sea gathers (and I have a feeling I keep seeing Najib's face and the 1 Malaysia logo EVERYWHERE, I think they over-promoting this god damn thing larh).

And that ain't the worst part, when Astro actually set a stage in the middle of the street to have some old people singing competition going on. Uncle auntie very happy, but I feel very sweaty lorh...

Trust me, taking photo in a crowd ain't no easy task, especially to get a good distance before actually even taking a photo.

Some chicken rice mee dinner. The special thing about these mee is that it use herbal soup instead of those ordinary Ajinomoto soup we find in food court. The dishes are all very delicious!

Well... Maybe I was damn hungry that time, can't really chew slowly to enjoy the taste.

After the dinner, we moved on to the pork satay for supper (that start their business in midnight 12am)!

Well, usually we just order and wait for the satay, but here if you order and wait, then you have no hope to get your satay anytime. The fastest way is just cook yourself!

Looks like ordinary satay right? But the texture is completely different... Hard to describe the taste, just simply taste better larh!

The next morning, went for some Hokkien Chao as breakfast... And everyone say this Hokkien Chao does not taste like the usual Hokkien Chao, which I'm not sure is a positive/negative comment, I only know it taste good larh.

And Joel ordered an ABC that as white as snow white, never seen a ABC that so white before right?

Went around the places nearby Foon's grandma place (where we sleep), found a public pool here. since nobody have a swim suit so we just took some photo and left the place.

Then the ending part is the usual thing larh, fetching everyone back to their home and close file for a nice memory!


Kev said...

Hi Lion... you came to malacca, i also don't know or else i can bring you and your gang around.

Lion said...

hehehhe, but disturb your no good lah :D or just introduce me some place to go so next time I have more place to visit~

Thristhan said...

Wow, I went to the same places during my our day trip to Malacca. Cool place right? Alot to do there.

ken said...

i miss their satay celup =)

King said...

Those pictures are making me hungry...