Thursday, March 03, 2011

It's My Day

Officially 24th now, birthday wishes starts to sway between 'growing big' and 'getting old', which sooner or later going to be the latter.

Anyway, want to thank my dear for taking one day leave to accompany me on today. Went watching 'I am Number 4', using my sister's premier voucher. The show is not bad, considering there aren't any better show recently (and 'King's speech' is not my type of movie, so no, I don't care those Oscar judges love it).

Decided to went high class today, so we had our lunch in Sushi Zanmai.

My favorite salmons in a big dish.

Dear's scallop-grill-something.

Hell, I blame my camera for taking such a clear picture and making me feel hungry when I'm writing this post, damn.

My birthday present, where the box outside and the gift inside have no relation entirely *faint*.

And this is my cake of the day, a mango cheese cake from Delicious. The cake is not bad actually, but I guess it don't mix well with the sushi we had earlier =/

Lesson of the day - Don't mix Japanese food with western food, it spoils the latter.

And thanks everyone who wishes me through the Facebook and SMS, greatly appreciated!


Katherine said...

man.. when was ur last post before this?? so long no post liao.. happy belated birthday anyway.. hope u have many more great ones to come.. =D

fung said...

aiyaya~~ was thinking to watch king's speech tim~~~ ><

King said...

A little late, but happy birthday.