Tuesday, March 08, 2011

If man and woman were computers

You know, when guys (especially computer guys) sit around and bull shit they can really come out with many nonsense...

If man and woman were computers

Woman - Intel Quad-core processor, they can really multi-task with ease.
Man - Intel Atom processor, not only slow, doing multiple task at one time causes blue screen.

Woman - 8TB hard disk with 15,000 rpm.
Man - Only DRAM is found, refreshes whenever it is powered off. Capacity is limited, information overloading results in memory dump and blue screen.

Network Speed
Woman - Extremely fast.
Man - Depends on type of information that is transferring, sometimes stops completely when transferring works to do.

Application Installed
Woman - Movies, drama, work, horoscope, all sort of things you can think of.
Man - Games and you-know-what.

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aNgeL said...

hmmm....seems like woman powerful than guy...hmmm...shall i agree wif it ar?? lolz..