Sunday, September 16, 2007


Finally, after entering UPM for the past 3 months, our good ol' hostel, K10 finally organized some event that worth participating. They called it "Pesta Tang Lun", which is 中秋节晚会 in Chinese.

Before the show is started, we have all these "historical corners" telling the grandma stories about how the mooncake festival came from. They've also set up these "mooncake corner" to teach the people to make mooncake. I didn't really tried to eat the mooncake they made, since I just recovered from the vomiting-hell-of-food-poison, I dare not to take in any unknown-source-food around. Oh yeah, not to forget the "lantern riddle corner" which is made from hanging the lantern with the riddle at the football goal gate, talking about fully utilizing the environment eh? The Digi people are also there asking people to "FuUuiYoOh!" here and there, not to say they are noisy but they did heat up the place quite well, lol.
Anyway after walking around and some chit chats, the long awaited VIPs have finally arrived and the party starts with the singing of the mamula moon (don't ask me what's that). The organizer prepared so many shows for the audience, not bad I should say, but the opening ceremony is just creepy, look at the picture, burning the word 中秋 there, don't you think it is like some sort of circus show? Then we have the other shows such as the Chinese drums, Chinese yo-yo, corrupted drama of HanYu-and-the-10-suns (the suns actually dancing TuoDiaoTuoDiao there, what the...) There's also this lucky draw there where the prize is a bunch of RedBull-look-alike-drinks that smells like strawberry and taste like cough medicine. The big prize for the lucky draw is a Sony Erricson phone sponsored by Digi, didn't bother much about it since I heard it worth around RM400 only (didn't get the prize say la, what dun bother much about it).

After all the shows we finally get to use the lantern we bought for RM1! We lights up the lantern, walks around the K10 jogging tracks and taking photos around, belows are the photos we took:

Of course, not forgetting the crew behind the big party, thank you guys for everything and every efforts you've put into this big success!

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