Saturday, October 06, 2007

Life of a university student - Part III

Finally!! I get to blog again, so happy!! It has been like a month since my last post, omg... Anyway, there's so many photo I've taken when I got nothing better to do, enjoy~

Bags, taken in 4th floor tutorial room, the thing is, guess these bags belongs to how many people.
Answer : [5] feel the wrath of cc engineering with all the laptops!

On the left : Read the time, it is in am, NOT pm.
On the right : Best thing to do in that time, nothing is more suffering than sleeping with an empty stomach!

Cup mees, this is what we take during the Bulan Ramadan as lunch, damn larh, why they puasa have to make us suffer together? Anyway, these cup meeps arn't finished all by myself, but me with Eric (my coursemate), 2 for each!!

Washing machine, take note that it is made in Malaysia and the big RM2.50 per use, I'm not doing any hint here, but I guess you read my mind as what I'm trying to say.

One of the things we learned in UPM, wall climbing. From 10 seconds to 4.5 seconds and may seek faster record in the future. Welcome to!

These photos are taken during the mooncake festival. A bunch of people that are away from home gathered here for a small celebration. The funny thing is that Mr.C++ joined the party with us! (Though nobody really welcomed him...)

A simple before and after picture, the lesson of the day is: Stack up your cloths and make the RM2.50 spent on the washing machine more worth it!

An oscilloscope, don't ask how I generate that graph, I wish to know too as charging + discharging of capacitors shouldn't generate a graph like this!

A Power Point slide from our Kenegaraan lecturer, we call it PPP and PPK-ing.
- PPP(Power Point Poisoning), happens when a slide have more than 25 words on it, it makes people lost interest on your slide.
- PPK(Power Point Karaoke), happens when a Power Point presenter is doing nothing but reading his/her own slide without any further explanation out of the slide.

1st pic - Ah, what a good day to go out for a walk, wee...
2nd pic - OMG!! What's happening? Is it the Fog? Is it the smoke from the bus? Is it something burning?
3rd pic - WAH!! Old flat is on fire!! Run for your life!!
Okay... yet another lame joke from a fella that got nothing better to do. It is actually another group of fella with nothing better to do and was spraying the mosquito killer. The stupid thing is that they spray at the peak hour where everyone is around, can't these idiots do so when there are less people in the evening or the night? Damn!

Here's another before and after pictures, the first picture shows the fellas that wish their face to be shown on every single corner of the hostel, as if he will die when another fella tells him that "I've never seen you before." And there it goes, the second and the third picture shows how their faces ended up after one night of rain. What a waste of mother nature's resources! Hence we should demolish democracy! To avoid any further waste of nature's resources! Hear the sound of sorrow from the mother earth!
Okay... Just another bunch of mumbling... But seriously anyone will feel angry when you see so many papers gone waste!

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