Friday, September 07, 2007

A show to be introduced

I've just finished watching a show called "an inconvenient truth, a global warning". The show is so nice that I’ve decided to write a little from it, there is so many things in my mind now after watching the show.

So, what’s the show about?
Basically the whole show is based on a fella called Al Gore (former vice president of U.S.) giving a talk about global warming. The talk itself is very interesting because it puts up facts and figures such as graphs, statistics, pictures, films, etc. It gives you are very clear view about what is global warming all about (sources, effects, and consequences).

Global warming? What’s so special?
Well let me ask you a question instead, how much you know about global warming? Yeah yeah, ice melting of north pole and south pole, global temperature goes up, sea water goes up, animals extinct, people dies, and so on...
We’re all well aware of all these problems, but may I ask you again, how much or how deeply you know about these problems? The answer from myself before watching the show: none. Let’s see, we are too familiar with these words until we are totally ignorance about it, but when graphs and facts are shown, you’ll know terrible consequences of our ignorance about global warming, I’m serious here.
When we watched the show “The day after tomorrow”, what did we think off? “Wow, such nice show”, “Hope these will not happen in my lifetime”, “Aiya, just a show larh!”. The fact here is: the show is not joking, it might will come true if nothing is to be done now! Wake up larh selfish peoples, please think of you next generation that going to stay on the mother earth when you go meet your ancestors!

Well, any feedbacks after the show?
Too many, can’t really list all of'em down, even I list down all of it I guess you won’t be reading it anyway, so I’ll just talk about one point that really worth to be considered by all my dear blog readers.
I’ve asked myself this question after watching the show: “Why I’m not aware of all these problems all the time? Is it due to my ignorance? Or is there any other reason?” At the instant, I thought of the source of knowledge, education. Let’s recall back is there any subject that we learn that are related to global warming? To be exact, there is, the accursed moral! And to be more exact, only a small piece of it touched the issue.
Now let’s think more deeply, all we’ve learn from moral is all those useless, meaningless, idiotic, stupid, junk, unrecyclable rubbish that are a total waste of human brain storage. What if, we could use the space to store something more significant and meaningful, facts and figures about global warming for example, let everyone are aware of the problem our mother earth are facing now days, would at least make the world a better place, at Malaysia for the least?
Finally, I seldom would give such a long feedback based on a single show I’ve watched, but this one is slightly different, here I wish anyone who reading this and haven’t watch the show would try to search for the show in the market/internet, let alone original or pirated *laugh*.
For a better tomorrow, nobody want a future like the “day after tomorrow”, don’t we?

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