Friday, August 31, 2007


Yeap, is Merdeka day today, nothing special actually except that we get an extra holiday in our 1-week holiday sem break, yay!

Going out to do countdown?
Nop! I went back home and then go to sis's house to grab all the anime, latest song album and shows that I've missed during school days! So, what I did was basically lying on the sofa, open BitComet, turn on the idiot box, and yeah, that's all. Checking for all the available downloads i can grab while looking into the idiot box, laughing at the people who squeezing at the Dataran Merdeka, and praying for the arrival for the rain god at the Dataran Merdeka *laugh*.

Okay, how about during the Merdeka day, going out?
Yeap! It is a holiday after all, but not going out for celebrate or anything, but doing JAH (just-another-holiday) stuff, shopping in 1U, had my lunch (or tea? since it is around 3 o'clock) there. Oh by the way, I met Pn Sim there, my form 4 to form 6 physics teacher, didn't get the chance to chat with her as we both are in a hurry *sigh*. Now just back from 1U and writing this blog since I had nothing better to do for now...

So, it is Merdeka day after all, any words?
What u expect me to say on this slumber country? We blogger now days might lost our final place to voice out our feelings on the Internet (Google for Negarakuku for more info). Looking back to what we achieved in the past 50 years? We build 2 jagung! Whao! But look, the fact that non-bumi are discriminated are still there, each race are talking behind of each other, all the social problem for the past 50 years remained unsolved. Many things had been done for the past 50 years about these issues, and the result is no result. Malaysia government do things in such a way that they change others instead of changing itself, in other words, they make u follow the law, instead of changing the law for the people, democracy? Pui! Merdeka? Pui! They only way to solve these problem is to get out of Malaysia, as said by some pig head in the parliament said "If you are not happy with how the things work in Malaysia, get out from here."

Any final words?
Oh yeah, I guess I'll end this with a phrase from KawanKu: "Cakap lagi lah! Cina balik Cina, nanti sini bukan Malaysia. Saya takut kamu nak pergi mana cari kerja, tapi tak apa lah, orang Melayu memang tak suka kerja."

Peace oh peace...

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Azrin said...

yerp we are the malas ones. after all, what we did was kangkang kaki saja. :-)