Thursday, November 22, 2007


It's holiday now! Thanks to my dear phone, in can take photos all around the corner when I'm free and sometimes it is really funny to look back some of the photos I've taken. So here it goes...

One day in the holiday, I was surfing the net in my niece's room, and both of them are playing GameBoy. After a few moments, their position changed. Most of the time in the holiday, I stare at a bunch of JASS code, sometime went out with friends for some BaLiDong and also MahJong. Also, going out for some shopping when free, especially food hunt in the shopping center.

Oh yeah, yesterday just went to 1u with Fung and Joel for some lame show where its show name are totally unrelated with the show itself. Yet the show itself is lame as you get to watch a couple to sing K for like 5 minutes, what an obvious scam!
After that we went for a game of pool,
walk around to look at hamster sleeping, taking photos with a big fish, and eating fish and chip in a pan.

Well that's for the first half of my holiday, second half will be some trip organized by Joel and also, Singapore! Wee~~

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