Friday, May 16, 2008

Religion II

Well I'm surprised to see that there are actually some people who go though my previous post and even replied in their blog! 毕竟礼尚往来,来而不彺非礼也,so I decided to add some points about my previous post and hopes to clarify some things.

Well my last post seems to be making all the religion looks evil, apologize for that. What I mean is actually the people who twisted the true meaning of religions are evil there. Religion has been made of a tool, abused by the selfish people who seeking power. Just like nuclear power, depends on how you use it, it can destroy and it can be build, that's what there are people who against nuclear research and there are also people who protects it. But all of their intension are just for a better life in the future.

So basically I didn't say that the teachings of the religion are bad, I've never put moral and religion together because I feel that they seems like the same, but it is actually different thing. Moral can apply for everyone (example: killing people is bad) while religion will have something more specific (example: eating pork is bad). Though moral can be part of religion but religion cannot be part of moral.

To conclude this short reply, as long as religion are not used as a tool to interfere other individual or believing, I have absolutely no problem with that. I just hate people who just simply jump out and tell me "you will go to hell if you don't believe in xxx!" Oh, like hell I care with your xxx...

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Katherine said...

haha..i agree with you.. but i still have to point out that.. those that can't eat pork isn't because pork is bad but because pork used to have a bacteria living in them that could not be killed even in high temperature.. to this day, this fact remains the same and most chinese, unfortunately, have this bacteria in their for beef, its because most view them either as sacred or to express thankfulness and in doing so, not consume them..
but i do agree on one thing..those ppl that says their religion is better and that if u dun follow them you will go to hell..i say this to them.. you go to hell!! =P