Saturday, May 03, 2008

Almost a year...

Been awhile that I've been using English to write in my blog, lots of Chinese blog posts after I "discovered" how to type Chinese words in my computer, haha.

Looking back, it has been almost one year for lots of thing, the age of this blog, my hand phone, the day I quit as a teacher, the day I entered university, and many more! Time flies and yeah, appreciate what you have (gosh, I'm feeling old) and remember all those who helped you along the way!

Looking into my phone, there is so many photos I've taken, some of them are really funny but have no chance to share with all my dear friends, so I'm putting it here, enjoy guys!

One of my course subject, Logic Digit, where we make digital circuit with ICs, apparently the number of bread board increases exponentially,from one board, to 3 boards, to 6 boards!

New dog in my house, for the preparation of current dog's retirement (the whole family agreed that he is old and need a replacement dog). We named it kofi, also coffee, kopi, and so on...

Taken during K10 Makan Malam Muhibbah, where we pay 50 bucks for a grand hotel, but lousy food. Everyone agree that we have all been cheated!

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