Sunday, August 03, 2008

Birthday wishes

This post is seriously delayed, it should be posted in last month but due to the difficulty of getting the photos, now only I get to blog about this very special dinner I had last month, in Angus, Pavilion.

As the photo shows, it is 大家姐 (often known as tkc) and 二家姐 (often known as ykc) the twin's birthday! Though it is super late to wish a happy birthday to you now, but still, let it be late, better than never la! By the way, I just realize that you are the first family member's birthday that I put in my blog! Wow!

Why I say that this is a very special dinner? Well the answer is pretty simple... This is one of the most expensive dinner I've never had before! I'll show all the plates on the lower part of the post. For now, let me say a big thank you to ChaiGim and SiewGim for handling the crazy bill, where ChaiGim's eye went |O_O| when she saw the numbers on the bill...

Is everyone!

What to say, the place is cool, except the price for the food, yet you see so many people in there having dinner and even ordered wine (which cost more than 500 bucks if I'm not wrong). Oh... Rich people...

<- Yan with her chop, she ate more than me!

Okay here's the full course, and the order goes from the top left, to the bottom right. Start with a appetizer, a grill fish, then a carrot sup, a cold salad (even the plate are cold!), then the main dish, which is the lamb chop, and finally the dessert which is a cake.

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ccw said...

hope next time I am being invited to this kind of dinner lor.