Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009 Earth Hour

Did you switch off your lights? Well I do! Glad that I'm able to take part in this global event, just to tell that: "We care about global warming!"

No lies!

Yes, off it! All of it!

My whole family participated in the event, it looks more like everyone was enjoying the one hour of darkness. We went so serious about it until we forget that we could actually turn on the lights when we wanted to search for something in the room.

Thank god I'm back to home, as I'm sure the hostel ain't turning these off in respond of the Earth Hour.

I'm so frigging sure of it.


Mother earth, hope you enjoyed this hour of rest. Switching off the lights are just a mere baby step from fighting global warming, but it is better than none.

The next step should be asking America signing the Kyoto Protocol, while the following steps should be complete shift of warfare funds (that burns money) to environmental funds! Ain't this make sense? Or at least, put those money on research of efficient energy such as nuclear fusion or solar power!

Let's work together, to show that we do care about what's happening to the earth! There won't be a future for mankind if we were to destroy our very own home in the first place.


chloeee ♥ said...

kyoto protocol is ending in 2012. there's no point in asking them to ratify it anymore because there's little to be done in 3 years, except america would end up buying carbon emission credits to get by 3 years.

earth hour was a good attempt, but sorry to say, it will hardly save the earth because most people just go back to their disgusting habits when the lights come back on.

Lion said...

Aw O_o didnt know that it was ending... But still it shows that people aint totally ignorance towards global warming larh...

Praying hardly for america to go into bankruptcy =_=

Anonymous said...

Actually I think this is more of a symbol of global awareness for everybody, bring the planet together for 1 hour. 1 hour of electricity is really nothing compared to how much we use...

by: anonymous cheese.

sis said...

I went to Mt Faber (bloody hell the only mountain in Singapore that is about Gasing Hill height only) to see the effect of the light-off. will, see not much (think we're too high up) til I'm down and drive pass CBD area (Singapore Business district area), it is dark!! The ground spot light and signboard were turned off, even the fairy wheel (S'pore Flyer) were spinning in the dark! kind of romantic! haha! not much obvious effect but, really, good attempt appreciated! Hundreds has gathered at Marine Parade with candles during the hour, like a huge family candle light dinner picnic!