Saturday, March 21, 2009

Feng Shui Ruler

Well, it happens that my cousin brother-in-law is a Feng Shui consultant, and I was helping him to develop this Feng Shui Ruler program.

As its name sounds, a Feng Shui Ruler can be applied to furniture, windows, and doors to check for auspiciousness (aka checking for good/bad luck). A simple program that can help you to do decision when you picking your furniture or renovating your house, making sure you don't step into the land mine area (bad lucks).

How to use?
It's simple, just take the measurement of the length and width of your house furniture, windows, or doors and put them into the box. The program will then calculate that value and check its auspiciousness!

Does it really work?
Well it is up to you to believe it or not, you may check about a little history of the ruler. Or maybe, some little history of Feng Shui itself that, came from past 1000 years of ancient Chinese observation through astronomy, astrology, and even the knowledge of magnetic fields on how they actually influencing man. Who knows?

Take a try!
Click the link below for download.


So, to my fellow friends and coursemates, we often complain about the programming subject's uselessness, but think twice, it is we who don't appreciate the knowledge or just the knowledge being useless?

We all knows :)


Kev said...

well, i'm not a strong believer in Feng Shui, though. However, I do admire your ability to help develop something quite useful.

What programming language did you use to create it, and how long did it take you before it's complete?

Who knows, you could join venture with Joey Yap one day :)

Lion said...

I used visual basic :)

Well the whole concept will just take whole couple of hour to finish it, just the interface being the tricky part, trying to be as user friendly as possible @.@

And thanks for the comments ^^

CH Voon said...

cannot download ur software for testing hehehe

feng shui history said...

is there any chance to download this software? i feel curious and i´d like to test it

Lion said...

sorry guys, just fixed the link :)

Phillip said...

Hi, thanks for the program however I think there is a logical error in your calculation.

I understand that the good range is from 0-5.37cm, 16.11-21.48cm, 21.48-26.85cm and 37.59-42.96cm but when I key in 0.39 your program said HARM. 0.05 is HARM and