Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm terribly sorry folks! Life has been terribly busy, assignments coming one after another, completely pushing me away from my blog!

Well, this is what has been keeping me busy.

Yes, I know the picture on the left looks like something else, don't tell me, or I'll photoshop your face into the middle *grins*.

The model are just part of it (although it is not done by me), this is what really eating my time for like one to two weeks.

Those formulas are not kidding, the worst part is when I was trying to understand what it is saying to determine that is it applicable into our project.

End up wasting my time, bah.

My group members.

Thank god we made through the presentation, even though there are tons of questionable things in the project remained unsolved.


Having some free time now, going to sing k later, then I'll go into deep frenzy of final exams that coming in April.

Wish me luck!

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WenJian said...

I would like to comment about your statements. Programming is very very important especially those in IT / Computing field.... I agree with your statement, It is all about how we appreciate the knowledge of programming,

Without programming, what the world would be ? Imagine the world without computers, handphone, TV, traffic lights and all other electronic devices. All electronic devices NEED to be programme in order for it to function perfectly and properly. A Hardware can't stand alone without a software and software comes from PROGRAMMING.