Sunday, August 02, 2009

Firefox vs Chrome

I just installed Google Chrome recently, to test out its performance against Mozilla Firefox which I've always been using, out of sudden want-to-try-out-something-new feeling.

Load hack lots slower when connection speed is slow, normally ends with "Page Load Error".

Load quicker and lesser error during slow connections compared to Firefox.

Have separator to organize your bookmarks nicely.

Don't have separator, bookmarks looks more messy.

Google toolbar, Bing toolbar, all you can add if your liked it.

The address bar itself is the Google toolbar, it will detect the content you entered is an address or not, else it would search in the search engine you predefined.

Flash games and flash animation runs nicely.

Flash games LAGS, and crashed the browser twice in a day for the record.

Search function runs fine, no highlights.

Search function with highlights, I found it pretty useful!

Many add-ons and gadgets for you to grab, you can even customize the appearance.

Way lesser add-on and gadget, doesn't seems to be able to customize the appearance.

Processor killer, eats hack load of processing speed.

Processor saver, requires much lesser (50-75%) processing speed compared to Firefox.

So basically, Chrome is better when it comes to basic web browsing and data searching; Firefox might be slower, but as long as your connection speed ain't that bad and you are using a decent computer (not Pentium 3 or something), it actually works quite well, bad things start to happen when you doing multiple task in your computer with Firefox staying up...

Well, just my personal experience with these 2 fella.

Here's the link to get Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. They are both free!

P/S: Oh, what about Internet Explorer from Microsoft? Well, out of the topic here, I got enough of bad impression towards IE since long ago, lol.


Viya said...

i agreed with your experience. However, please bear in mind that IE still has the largest user based in the world despite it's sucked...

Lion said...

well, IE is the earliest browser after all, many people just don't bother to change or didn't know the existence of firefox and chrome

thanks for visiting! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello.. Nice article, but i think you're being unfair to Chrome... You say it lacks a google toolbar... Why would you need a google toolbar if the address bar is the toolbar itself? It acts both as a toolbar and as an address bar. If you type something in it searches in google, with auto-complete and everything. If you type an address, it goes there. Also, you don't need any other search providers like toolbars provide, simply because Chrome has the unique ability to capture every search engine you use. For example, go to imdb or youtube and search for something. Then navigate to another site, or just restart chrome. Type in imdb or youtube's url on the bar, and press TAB. You're now using that searching engine! I find this extremely useful and even faster than traditional toolbars, since all i do now to search in youtube is type "you" and press TAB. And i'm there. About flash games.. Try re-installing Flash Player using Chrome. I find chrome alot faster on my laptop than FF. (Windows 7). About bookmarks, there is the bookmark manager, and the bookmark bar (ctrl+b)... That's more than enough for me. The only "bad thing" someone could claim that Chrome has is less plug-ins and gadgets. But personally i hate those. I just want a fast, reliable browser that does not eat up my CPU and RAM. Just give Chrome another go, and be sure to download the latest beta, the version of which you can find out on Wiki :)

Lion said...

Hey thanks for the comment.

Well, firstly I didn't know about the auto-search was build into the address bar itself, if that's the case then it would be nice.

Bout the flash again, yes it does load faster, but it lags during the flash game here, more like having a lower frame/sec, and it still hangs easily for my case. (with the latest beta and the flash)

Some might not prefer plug-ins and gadgets, but some does :) For example, in downloadhelper and the webpage->pdf are gadgets among my fav.

cheers :)

Nirmal's software Guide said...

I read the article and the discussion.. But i prefer Firefox for chrome.

Anonymous said...

A WikiVS article comparing the two browsers:

Sushrut Sardeshmukh said...

Viya said...

i agreed with your experience. However, please bear in mind that IE still has the largest user based in the world
Its not true..

Firefox is king at the moment. Google Chrome is getting market share though.

IndigoCurl said...

this is totally off subject, but where can i buy the song that is playing on this page?
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Lion said...


Try google it :) That is actually a piano version for a song from Hitomi Shimatani (a japanese singer). Maybe you can ask around in the music store =\

Anonymous said...

hey nice music and review, but what about memory? last time i read it said chrome was a memory hogger compared to firefox.

Anonymous said...

I must say, good review. I have to agree with you, I use Chrome on my laptop (cause its a heap of crap) but on my desktop I don't think I could go back from Firefox.